Are You Invisible?

by Dan Carter Is there ever a perfect time?
There’s nothing worse than feeling invisible.

Feeling unnoticed, unwanted, not making a single ripple with your business, all while it seems everyone else is making lots of money and enjoying life.

Especially when you have so much to offer the world. And, you deserve to be known for your expertise and gifts.

I used to be like that. Invisible.

Until I discovered that being endorsed and promoted by others is the best way to get known, get in front of my ideal audience, and get clients.

Michael Dell 3 C's 

- Content is the product that has to be world class.your company is in charge to
produce and doing that and putting out the best that they can. people spend their lives in product development trying to make a perfect Pitch  

- Commerce is where money changes hands and the incentive has to be correct and it has to profitable. Profitably to deliver a stimulus build momentum 

- The community was by far the most important according To Dell This is where the rubber meets the road 

Anybody can create some content to perform and anybody can create some incentive that compensates for performance but the tough part comes in when it comes to building a community

Community goes beyond the concept of having a customer base, beyond the idea of having a clientele.

It goes to having a crowd of people that downright evangelical, they can't help but go about spreading the news about what they have got their hands on. 

When you invest yourself in building an asset comprise with valuable human being who are evangelical for what you do and what you represent you can be on your speedboat someday on a Tuesday Morning with no care in the world owing no debt to anybody because that is what we do!

It is funny that we learned this from Michael Dell. 

Michael Dell taught it and Steve Job Perfected it.

John Wooden said you 2 things to win championships.

The right player 

Gets the most out of them.
- Hunger do today what will make your life better tomorrow  

- Teachable willing to take a step back and do it differently  

-  Honorable People willing to do what is best for the team because they know it will improve results for everyone!


What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You? 

Is it time for your family?

Is it the freedom to Travel?

Regardless of your definition, Financial Freedom requires a dream, A goal, Something to strive for and work for.

Most programs that offer financial freedom, as part of there marketing ploy, rarely ever get the visitors to the place that they personally get that feeling "AHA"! 
I have the knowledge I need!

Many programs and opportunities today get the visitors started, but do not finish the job of education.

Knowledge is power.

In this presentation, you will learn how to begin your own path using a 5 step formula based on three key elements.

We will create our path to financial freedom following 3 Key formula to place real value on the money when used as a vehicle that supports our goals.

Content A way to Earn money Our Driver! 

Commerce A way to save money. Our Gatekeeper deliver value and inspire our team

Community a way to spend money Our Controller that produces our innovator that prepare our early adopter to hunger for change to spread the word that there is a new concept that will change how we build relationships.

Teach early impact people who want it now not to be left out and should start learning how this change will help change and improve why they are being challenged with late impact people that want to wait and see how it will work discover investment in people, tailor‑made for long‑term investors who wish to benefit from the accumulated growth of their organization.

What will you do with it?

Anything worth having is worth working for.

Many people would rather pay cash than commit their time and efforts to investing in their future.

The Lagger impact people hear about the new concept and they are sure that if it is not broken that it does not need fixing. The Community helps lagger impact people discover the need and opportunity for their business process and how it works.

Will Roger said that you can know a train is coming, stand on the track and you are going to get run over. 

Inspiring lagger impact people to feel like thought leader converting disbeliever that now is the time to come along is possible with what if you were given access to something so powerful it would change not just your life, but all of our lives. 

Consequences of trying to raising the dead from those scenes in the Bernie Movies where Bernie buddy wheel his corpse around to keep up appearances and his evangelic engaged is not your potential.

That where having faith challenges what if I told you that tomorrow’s will contain the key

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