Are First Copy Watches An Excellent Substitute For The Real Ones?

by Jasbir Kaur Digital Marketing Executive

In the modern times, watches have lost their function as a mere time teller. With the advent of designer brands, watches have become more of an accessory than a necessity. People use mobile phones to check the time while wearing a branded watch is considered as a status symbol or a fashion statement. Most of the people wear designer watches to maintain their status among friends and colleagues and often end up spending more money than they should on a wristwatch.


It is due to this craze for keeping up one’s position in the society, while not spending thoughtlessly at the same time: the popularity of first copy watch arises.

What are first copy watches? 

A “first copy” or a “replica” is that watch which has been made identical to the original brand, by careful examination and research. They consist of the exact details of the original, but lack a few “authentic functionalities.”


A first copy watch is a lot cheaper than the original product because they are mostly manufactured locally; or in some cases, by using more inexpensive materials. For example, Rexine is used instead of leather for the bands.


They cannot be quickly told apart from the originals unless someone pays very close attention to the products of that particular brand.


These watches have several domestic and international manufacturing markets, and they are often sold online as well. They are outstanding if you want to wear a watch for a style statement because they can be bought at a relatively lower cost while being visibly identical to the real ones.


Can they be substituted for the real ones?

First of all, it is wise to understand that there will always be a difference (however slight) between a copied one and a real one. This is because the manufacturers of the expensive brands are likely to use better quality and imported materials from abroad. First copy watches, however, are not meant to be very expensive. Their cost is kept to a minimum for that purpose. Often, a first copy watch might not be as good as their real model, as the chronograph dials may not function properly, or any other shortcoming may come up; but it is to be kept in mind that for what purpose are you buying a particular watch.


Secondly, first copies are not always legal. Many illegal manufacturing units often produce replicas of the branded watches.


Now, it depends upon the customers or their priorities that whether a first copy watch can be substituted for a real one. If you are economical but wish to create a sensation around you, then, of course, a first copy will prove to be an excellent substitute for you. After all, it takes a lot of effort to earn, and to spend so much money for an original branded item is a mere luxury.


Or if you are trying to make an impression by wearing a watch as a fashion statement, then it is definitely wiser to opt for a first copy watch rather than an original one. A first copy will not only satisfy your looks by adding the appropriate accessory but also be available at a lower price, thus enabling you to buy more than one.


Are there any marked differences to tell whether someone’s wearing the first copy or the real one?

As mentioned earlier, a first copy watch is made to look identical to the real watch as far as practicable. The manufacturers of first copy watches go to the length of examining and researching the designs of the original brand. But since these local manufacturing units can’t use the same materials; there is a marked difference in quality mostly, or in the longevity of the watch. For example, if a branded watch will last for five years, then a replica or a first copy might last for two years. But of course, if you’re in the habit of changing your watches and other electronics annually, then a first copy will definitely be a benefit to you. 


There might be some other trivial differences between a real and its first copy. Such as, the logo; the first copy may produce a logo which might be slightly different from its original. Or maybe they will make the intricate designs (if any) on the model slightly different; but be assured, that these differences are minimal and are often invisible to the person who does not have very keen eyes. If you’re planning to buy a first copy watch for daily use, then go ahead because it’s unlikely that someone will pay attention to such minute details. Even if you’re planning to wear it to a party, then also no one’s likely to scrutinize your wristwatch.


And of course, another marked difference is the price, as already mentioned. Buy a first copy watch if you want to look like you’re wearing a branded watch, while not spending too much at the same time.


Are first copy watches same as Homage watches?

“Homage” watches are those watches whose designs are similar to that of historical watches. They are a legal version of a replica or a first copy watch. Many of the companies like Rolex, Panerai, Vintage Dive, produce homage watches.


These homage watches are like replica watches, except the fact that they are not “low-cost alternative,” but a modern version of the historical models that are no more available in the market.


In fact, it can be said that all Homage watches are first copy watches, but all first copy watches are not Homage watches.

Therefore, to use a first copy watch as an excellent substitute for the real one lies upon the discretion of the buyers, but of course, it can be said that opting for a replica with identical looks and features is wiser than spending a huge deal of money just to get a branded one. If you like to see the latest models of replica watches then you can visit site.

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