Appropriate Load For A Diesel Generator Set

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Diesel generator in the selection of that time, the key is to first clear the output power.  In the past, a customer, the Planning Institute gave 100KW, but the specific purpose was to push two centrifugal pumps. In fact, there is no doubt that the output power is not only 100KW, so when the customer determines the output power, it is professional and technical personnel to communicate clearly your requirements, and then determine the required output power.  


There are many diesel generator customers in the purchase of Guizhou diesel generator set, in order to save costs, has been their own electricity load is thick.  If your load is more than 200KW, then just want to buy a 200KW diesel generator, this kind of idea is not available.  Diesel generators run in full load for a long time, which causes great damage to crankshaft of cylinder engine and reduces the service life of diesel generators. 

Some customers, on the other hand, have been tempted to buy large diesel generators, fearing that the electricity from their diesel generators will not be enough for their own use.  For example, their specific load is only 30KW, but to buy a 200KW diesel generator, that is not available.  First, that application leads to a lot of luxury and waste, and increases fuel consumption.  Second, the diesel generator set is in the long-term operation of small load, the diesel engine is not lit enough, after a long time, resulting in more serious carbon accumulation of the diesel generator, the harm to the diesel generator is very large.  

 The proper selection should be: 80% of the diesel generator load is suitable for that time, and the generator set can not operate for a long time under the condition of load less than 50%, the key reason is:  General specific situation is in 80% of the load, low oil consumption, if when the load of the diesel engine generator is 80% of the rated value, a liter of oil hair 4 degrees of electricity, if the load is increased, oil consumption will rise, that is to say, the diesel generator oil consumption that we often say is proportional to the load.  However, if the load is less than 20%, the diesel generator will be harmful, not only the fuel consumption of the generator will be greatly increased, and even the diesel generator will be destroyed.  Therefore, it is necessary to effectively select the output power of the diesel generator, which can not only save the diesel generator from overweight operation, but also ensure that the diesel generator is not easy to long-term low load operation, and thus increase the service life of the diesel generator.  

DINGBO POWER is a manufacturer of diesel generator set, the company was founded in 2017. As a professional manufacturer, DINGBO POWER has focused on high quality genset for many years, covering Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, Weichai, Yuchai, SDEC, MTU, Ricardo, Wuxi etc, power capacity range is from 20kw to 3000kw, which includes open type, silent canopy type, container type, mobile trailer type. So far, DINGBO POWER genset has been sold to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and Middle East.

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