Anaphylaxis Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management

by Swetha So Analyst

This is a severe allergic reaction that is required to be treated as soon as possible. When this occurs, Adrenaline needs to be administered to the patient immediately so that the patient does not suffocate and die. Seeking medical help as soon as these symptoms are seen is needed. If left untreated the symptoms are deadly. Dr. Madhavi is a leading allergy specialist that can help identify the problem and help assess it quickly. This adrenaline shot is known as “epinephrine”, and it helps to reverse the symptoms within minutes of it being administered. If the patient is not at ease even after this, then the patient needs another shot after 30 minutes of the initial shot. These shots as they need to be administered immediately they tend to come in ready to use pen sized packaging.

Taking an antihistamine for this is not advisable and it should be given to the patient only if proper medical care is necessary. Swelling can be seen on the face, neck and the mouth tissue, these causes wheezing and trouble swallowing because of the swelling of the neck that is seen. And Doctor Madhavi deals with these cases before. Also, the patient tends to be restless and anxiety is another symptom that is seen. And due to getting worked up so much the person may have a drop in blood pressure and dizziness can be seen in the patient.

Treatment that is done for patients with or without allergy when an insect bite tends to be the same. But certain care needs to be taken such as the person needs some air and some tight stuff around his arms and fingers need to be removed such as rings. Insects such as bees tend to leave a poison sack and also the stinger behind after it stings. Removing the stinger in the next half a minute is very crucial as the venom that is present in the sac will enter the body creating more pain. All of these concerns the patient and they need to take care of extra medical care when these symptoms are all seen.

Applying an antiseptic and using soap over the stung area also helps with helping with the pain. Dr. Madhavi is a leading allergy specialist that can help identify the problem and help assess it quickly. Ointments that help soothe the pain and also applying an ice pack over the swelling eases the pain. All of these are necessary for the patient to get a proper assessment of the patient. Amongst all of the different variables that are taken into the allergies that are seen within the patient these symptoms are very serious and proper care needs to be taken from the patient. The most effective and efficient way for treating this is mainly adrenaline and it is given to the person from a shot in the thigh. And Doctor Madhavi deals with these cases before. The patient suffering from this and has a history of sudden out breaks are advised to help the person with having an effective treatment that is done.

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