An Overview of Harvesting Machine

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Harvesting crops involves cutting, picking, plucking digging or a mixture of these methods for removing the crop from under the soil or above the soil and extracting the useful portion of grains and fruits from plants.

Harvesting work can be performed by the following ways

  1. Slicing work with a sharp tool.
  2. Splitting action with a sharp serrated edge.
  3. High-velocity single component impact with a sharp or dull knife.
  4. Two elements of a scissors-type performance.

These actions can be done with manual and automatic harvesting. If we see an example of a manual then slicing and tearing action is the best fit. Here are other ways of harvesting.

  • Manually operated tool and implements
  • Animal drawn machine
  • Mechanically operated machinery.

If we look in the farm equipment marketplace then we find the following equipment and tools that are being used in the harvesting work. 

Combine harvester - A combine harvester is a self-propelled harvester machine that can harvest crops in a single go. Combine harveter can do reaping, threshing, gathering and winnowing in single machine. 

Mower- A mower is an agriculture machine to cut herbage crops and leave them in a swath.

Reaper- Reaper machine to cut grain crops.

Reaper binder- This is a type of reaper which cuts the crops and binds them into neat and regular sheaves.

Swath machine- It is the element as left by the harvesting machine.

Sickle- This is a farm implement that got curved steel blade with a handgrip applied for harvesting by hand-operated.

Windrow- It is a row of substance formed by joining two or more swath machines. 

In all these machines combine harvester is one of most advanced and robust machinery that is being used by the farmer all over the world. Here are some key specifications of a combine harvester. 

  • Combine harvester is designed for harvesting threshing, separating, cleaning and collecting seeds in a single walk.
  • A fine quality of the product can be obtained from this machine in comparison to other methods.
  • Bagging system may be equipped with a pickup accessory, it may be self-propelled or tractor operated.

If we highlight the main functions of the combine machine there here are some main function of a combine machine- 

  • Used in cutting the standing crops
  • Serving the cut crops to threshing unit
  • Threshing the crops in Combine 
  • Cleansing the grains from the straw
  • Accumulating the grains in a container.
  • Unload the collected products for the market or storage facility.

Hope now you got the complete idea about Harvesting Machine. If you want to explore more about the combine harvester or interested to buy one for your farmland then you can consider buying it from the Fieldking

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