Amazing Jewish Summer Travel Destinations

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The world is full of fascinating places to explore Jewish history, culture and heritage. Whether you want to travel on a land-based trip or aboard kosher river cruises, there are several options available for you which will suit your needs.

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Here are some destinations you might consider visiting on your next travel adventure.


The Holy Land is one of the most fascinating places in the world, and it's a must-see for any Jewish traveler. The country is home to some of the holiest sites in Judaism, and there are also plenty of modern attractions as well.

  • Jerusalem: The city was built by King David in 1000 B.C., making it one of the oldest cities on earth! It has many historic sites that are worth visiting: You can see the Western Wall, explore all four quarters of old Jerusalem, see where Jesus taught his disciples at Gethsemane Garden, or visit Mount Zion where David's tomb is located.

  • Tiberias: This city on Israel's western shore was once considered holy because it was where King Herod built his palace after he rebuilt Masada Fortress into a luxurious retreat for himself and his family members during Roman rule over Israel. Today you can visit Tiberias Synagogue which dates back nearly 2000 years; walk around town while admiring its architecture; or stroll along Sea-of-Galilee beachfront paths while taking in views across Galilee Sea towards Syria and Lebanon mountainside peaks beyond horizon line distance away!


Morocco is a great place to visit if you want to connect with Jewish history. There are several museums in Morocco that are dedicated to the country's rich Jewish heritage, including the Marrakech Museum of Jewish Art and History and the Casablanca Jewish Museum. Both of these museums have exhibits about how Judaism has influenced Moroccan culture throughout history, as well as information about notable Moroccan Jews like Hannah Senesh, a spy who died while trying to help save Hungarian Jews from Nazi persecution during World War II.

Transylvania, Romania

A small but ancient Jewish community thrived in Transylvania for more than 1,000 years. It was here that the first Jews settled in Europe, and they've been living in this region ever since. The area has many beautiful landscapes and scenic castles that make it a fun place to visit during the summer months.

The area's Jewish heritage dates back to before Roman rule—and even further back than that! In fact, there are still some remnants of an ancient synagogue discovered under a church that was built on top of it 2,000 years ago!


Located in the Balkans on the western side of the Black Sea, Bulgaria is home to an active Jewish community. In fact, every year in Burgas, a coastal city in southeastern Bulgaria, thousands of Jews gather for Shabbat services held on a floating platform overlooking the Black Sea under ancient oak trees.

Burgas has been connected with Jewish life since it was founded as a fishing village by King Philip II of Macedon (Alexander’s father) in 342 B.C. At that time, there were many Greek Jews living in Thrace who migrated eastward along with other Greeks and Romans fleeing persecution from Western Europe during late antiquity and early Byzantine times. The city even has its own Jewish Quarter!

Scandinavian countries

The Scandinavian countries are a fun and fascinating place to explore Jewish history. The Nordic region is home to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Faroe Islands (an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark). These countries are rich with old synagogues and Jewish cemeteries that can be explored. There are also plenty of museums and memorials dedicated to Jewish life in Scandinavia.


Germany is a must-visit country, and it's no different when you're looking for Jewish travel destinations.

Berlin has long been known as one of the most welcoming cities in Europe to people of all backgrounds. In fact, Berlin was home to about 160,000 Jews before World War II—a number that dwindled down to 11 by 1945. The city's Jewish Museum documents this history with exhibits and artifacts from across Europe, including Germany itself.

Belarus and Lithuania

Belarus and Lithuania are two countries in Eastern Europe that have a rich Jewish history. While these countries were once controlled by the Soviet Union, after its collapse they became independent nations. During World War II, more than 90% of Lithuanian Jews were killed by Nazis. The country has since made efforts to preserve its Jewish heritage by rebuilding synagogues and cemeteries in Vilnius, which was once called "The Jerusalem of the North." Today there are only about 6,000 Jews left in Lithuania but thousands more visit each year from around the world to learn about this fascinating culture.


Poland is a great place to visit in the summer, especially on your Jewish vacation. With its gorgeous cities, historical places and Jewish culture, it's no wonder that Poland is one of the most popular destinations for Jewish travelers.

There are many different things to explore in Warsaw. First on your itinerary should be the world-famous Auschwitz Memorial and Museum, where you can learn about this dark chapter in history while visiting some of the buildings where victims were imprisoned and murdered by Nazis during World War II. The museum offers guided tours with guides who speak multiple languages, making it accessible for all ages or those with hearing difficulties.

You'll also want to spend some time exploring the colorful city streets surrounding Umschlagplatz (where Jews were loaded onto trains heading into concentration camps). You could start at Nowy Świat Street—a bustling avenue lined with shops selling traditional Polish goods like pierogi (potato dumplings), fresh breads and pastries from local bakeries—and then head over to Rynek Stare Miasto (Old Town square) where vendors sell flowers under imposing cathedrals built centuries ago by kings who once ruled this land before Poland became independent after World War I ended The Great War back home in 1914–1918.

The Jewish Quarter is another must-see area when visiting Warsaw where you can see many remnants from Poland’s vibrant cultural past including synagogues dating back centuries as well as museums devoted entirely.

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