All You Need to Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Connie Freeman Health Advisor
Traditional Chinese Medicine has a History that would take you as far as the eras of ancient Egypt, Babylonia. This form of Medication is the world’s third oldest after the aforementioned Egyptian and Babylonian Civilizations. Traditional Chinese Medication techniques have survived a period of thousands of years and still bear the testimony of credibility among people.  What historical evidences can be found goes back as far as the reign of Huang Di who was titled as Shennong (a Chinese word which is attributed to this King who taught the Ancient Chinese people to cultivate millets, rye, and sesame etc. the title also denotes that he had  great knowledge poisonous and medicinal plants.) The first books on such medicine were written by him. The names of such books are as follows: Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Medicine Classics) and Shennong Bencaojing  (The Classic of Herbal Medicine). Due to his knowledge, he was also called The Yellow or Fire Emperor. He is also said to have found fire. Although there are controversies whether he or his dynasty ever existed, however; some historians attribute the era or reign of his dynasty being within 2700 to 2500BC. Then came the Shang People, the earliest ancestors of the Chinese People living at the Yellow River Basin. The medicines used by them were still in a primitive form. Inscriptions on Oracle Bones, tortoise and buffalo shells and bones that have been excavated; state the usage of wine and hot water as well as medicine as well as needles and bronze knives for the surgical purposes. The era being 1700-1100BC. As time proceeded arose Taoism and Confucianism within 1100BC to 220BC when the medicine further progressed. Ben Que was a renowned physician of the time. Then came a time of the Han Dynasty where again medicine progressed.  Through the ages, its efficacy has persevered.

Common Methods of Treatment Methods

Zhenjiu (Acupuncture): Needles that are as thin as hair are inserted into the skin at certain acupressure points. This usually affects the physical and energetic circulation, physiological moods and functions. This is used to prevent several diseases.

Zhiya (Acupressure): This involves the stimulation of Acupressure points in the body using hand-movements. The treatment is used to relieve pain.

Guasha (Scraping): The treatment involves a friction message for stimulating acupuncture meridians, relieving of tendinomuscular strains, improving circulations, removing internal heat.

(Cupping): Heated bamboo and/or glass and/or plastic cups are placed on the skin to act as tight suction which is used to heal cough, cold, arthiritis etc.

Coyayao Liaofa  (Herbal Therapies ): Some herbs are transformed into pills used to treat respiratory, urinary, and reproductive disease. Some herbs used in the traditional are: Dong chong  xia cao, Shan Za, Sang Ye etc.

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