All You Need to Know About Percussion Instruments Before You Buy One Online

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional
An orchestra is made up of a majority of instruments that belong to the family of percussion. This percussion family includes all instruments that make a sound when they are hit, scraped or shaken. A percussionist needs a lot of practise to learn his instrument well as he needs to know just the right strength with which to hit an instrument. Some of these instruments are already tuned and emit different notes while others are untuned and have no particular pitch. A percussionist usually plays a number of instruments in the same piece of music. Now with many music stores going the digital way, it is possible to buy percussion instruments online. The array of percussion instruments includes the likes of timpani, snare, xylophone, drums, cymbals, drum bass, triangles, maracas and piano.

The various instruments in the percussion family:

Percussion instruments are large in number and usually made up of plastic, metal and wood. They come in various sizes and shapes. There is a huge demand for percussion instruments manufacturers and exporters in India as it is known to be a musical country, producing the best quality instruments that have huge markets abroad as well. Below are listed a few types which can be bought at local stores or online:

Piano- although many deny that this instrument belongs to the percussion family, yet there is enough proof which suggests it indeed is a percussion instrument. It has 88 white and black keys and qualifies as being the instrument with the widest range. Being a tuned instrument, it is possible to play the piano using both hands at once. The piano can be either used in synchronisation with other instruments in an orchestra or played solo, for rendering both harmony and melody compositions.

Timpani- these resemble inverted teakettles or huge polished bowls which is the reason why they are also known as kettledrums. These pots made of copper are tuned instruments and can hence play several different notes. A timpanist stretches or loosens drum-heads to change the pitch. These instruments support harmony, melody and rhythm.

Xylophone- these are made up of wood and give a bell-like sound. The wood used to make a xylophone is readily available in many parts of India and hence percussion instrument manufacturers and exporters in India have a steady market for xylophones.

Celesta- this looks like a small upright piano with the tone of delicately played bells. The keyboard comprises of 49 to 65 keys. It is a tuned instrument and many notes can be played at the same time.

All these instruments are available online and percussionists as well as newbies can buy them online.

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