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There is not just a single answer to the most commonly asked question of what could be the possible reasons of causing acne because acne is said to be a multi factorial condition, which means that it could be caused by multiple factors that get interacted with each other. It is true that when a person has oily skin there are more chances of you facing acne problems but it does not imply the fact that the people with dry skin cannot have acne issues. Let us know exactly does this work?

All throughout this article, we will be knowing about the ins and outs of how acne gets formed so that you are best informed when it comes to treating and preventing acne. Also, to let you know about Best All-Natural Acne Treatment.


Go through the Summary to know how exactly it works:

Acne is caused by both primary as well as secondary factors, like inflammation and bacteria, diet and genetics respectively.

Acne is said to be an inflammatory condition which means that all the acne starts with some degree of inflammation.

The oil that our skin produces naturally in order to protect itself is called sebum. It might lead to clogged pores as well as increased bacteria if it tends to get overproduced.

The bacteria which is known to cause acne always tends to live on our skin and only start to show its real face when they multiply in rapid speed.

Hormonal shifts are also one of the biggest reasons that our skin has to face those ugly looking breakouts, the hormonal shifts like those experienced during the time of puberty as in before the time of menstruation, or during the time of on-going pregnancy might be one of the biggest causes resulting in more acne prone skin.

Doctors as well as researchers have found that genetics is one such actor which plays the major role in who shall develop acne and who plays with that clear skin throughout their life.

There is a huge link between stress and acne. If you are tensed or you are under hypertension there are huge chances that you are likely to suffer with pimple and acne prone skin.


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