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A mobile phone is a type of cordless telephone. Radio frequencies are primarily responsible for connecting mobile radio transmitters (or simply transmitters) to transmission and receiving base stations. The receiver stations connect users to standard telephone networks. A cellular system's geographic domain is split into regions known as cells. Each cell contains a central base station as well as two sets of broadcast frequencies. The base station uses one set, while mobile phones use the other.

To avoid radio interference, each cell employs frequencies that vary from those of its neighbours. Cells that are sufficiently separated from one another, on the other hand, can employ the same frequencies. When a mobile phone leaves one cell and enters another, the phone call is moved from one base station to another, as well as the set of transmission frequencies, using a computerised switching mechanism.

The process of sending radio frequencies from one cell phone to another is made feasible by the mobile phone's many elements and functionalities.

The following are the key components of a mobile phone:

·         LCD Screen - or Liquid Crystal Display - is the front screen with low electric power.

·         Menu Button - the control key that opens the menu. The menu page provides access to phone operations such as settings, reminders, games, messages, and the media player.

·         A keypad is a collection of alphanumeric keys on a single pad. The keys are pushed to enter data, for as when writing a message or dialling a phone number.

·         Antenna - it transmits and receives radio waves. Antennas were formerly mounted to the exterior of some cellular phones. Later variants use internal antenna construction.

·         Battery - An energy-storing device that is useful in electric form. Nickel Cadmium was used in the first mobile phone batteries (NiCad). This element is thought to be ecologically hazardous and must be disposed of as such.

Most rechargeable batteries today are constructed of Lithium-ion. They last longer than NiMH batteries and maybe overcharged without harming the phone device.

·         Microphone - A device that detects and transmits sound energy. It is capable of amplifying sounds.

·         Earpiece - Also referred to as earphones, automobile kits, or hands-free sets. An earpiece allows users to communicate with others without having to hold the device up to their ears. This is useful for folks who drive.

·         Power switch - This is the button used to turn on and off the phone. A defective power switch will prevent a unit from turning on. If it is linked to the power IC, always check its terminal leader.

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