Advantages of Wearing Panna

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Panna or the Emerald stone is one of the nine astrological gemstones. The beautifully​ green-colored stone, Panna is regarded as one of the most dynamic and stunning gemstones out there. Since time immemorial, the stone has been an essential part of the traditional ornaments and statement pieces of jewelry. Known for its everlasting elegance and brilliant luster, this stone has been a woman's primary desire for getting adorned with beautiful jewelry. The spectacular green color of the stone signifies grace, elegance, and royalty altogether. The person wearing this emits out a charismatic aura and attracts others towards him or her. 

Astrological Benefits of The Emerald Stone

The ancient Egyptians used the beautiful Emerald stone or Panna for making ornaments as well as for healing powers. Below we have discussed some of the key astrological benefits of wearing this natural green stone in detail.

  • Bring Good Health- The Emerald stone or Panna is connected with the health of the person. When worn in its natural form it is known for bringing good health to a person. The wearer of Panna is blessed with disease-free health and well-being.

  • Artistic Talent- The person adorning the Emerald stone is supposed to become​ artistic, and extremely talented. Wearers are showered with the most intellectual​ skills, and talents. The person also succeeds in his/her professional upfront.

  • Linguistic skills- The person wearing the Emerald stone possesses excellent vocal and linguistic skills. As a result, the person becomes extremely confident and excels in his or her field. 

  • Warding Off the Evil- The Emerald stone helps in warding off the evil, and protects the person from any kind of negative energy. The wearer becomes inventory positive and exhibits positivity in every aspect of his or her life. As a result, the person performs and therefore succeeds not only in the professional but personal life too.

  • Curing Mental Disorders- The wearer of Panna becomes optimistic and can fight any negativities prevailing around. This stone helps in eliminating all sorts of mental disorders such as depression or anxiety from his or her life.

  • Eliminating the Malefic Effects of certain planets- Vedic astrology suggests the wearing of Panna stone influences the person in the most positive manner by alleviating the malefic effects of certain planets. As a result, there is no obstacle in the growth of the wearer, and he/she becomes immensely successful.

The benefits of wearing a Panna are not unknown. Even the history dates back to the Egyptian period where they extensively used this stone to heal many disorders besides using it in jewelry. However, this supernatural stone is highly suggested to be worn under the guidance of an expert Vedic astrologer. Not everyone is equally compatible with every stone, only some people are recommended to wear their suitable astrological stone considering the planetary positions​ in their horoscopes​.

Buy Natural Emerald Online

Whether you are buying this beautiful green gem for yourself or for any of your loved ones; prefer to buy a natural Panna stone. In order to avail of all the above-mentioned benefits, it is always advisable to go for a real emerald gemstone as an astrological stone performs at its best level when worn in its natural form. 

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