Advantages of Using the Odoo ERP Software

by Alex Forsyth Developer

Read this article for information about the various benefits of using the Odoo ERP for businesses. Avail cost-effective services from the best company for Odoo ERP implementation and more in this field. 

Implementing good ERP software has its own benefits and advantages. This is one of the most advanced technological inventions which defines the growth of the industry. Any good and able ERP software bring about the much-needed organisation in a workplace, guaranteeing cooperation and collaboration between all.

Amidst all the latest models available in the market now, the Odoo ERP is the most favourable and reliable. It is based on the modular structure, streamlining and automating core, everyday business operations so that balance is maintained. This software is a high end, comprehensive business management application storing real-time data in a single, unified and integrated system. Information can be shared and accessed via a single dashboard control.  The Odoo price is also less compared to the other models in the market. 

Being an open-source ERP application, there are many benefits that one can avail after the implementation of Odoo. Below these benefits have been narrowed down and elaborated.  


1. One-In-All Solution

This is an advanced, comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning software which handles the work of the entire organisation. This integrated software suite covers all the requirements of the company. Through automation, all kinds of daily, vital activities are handled and managed seamlessly. The app store of odoo has over 10,000 apps., each one catering to the specific industry needs and necessities.  


2. Modular Structure

A significant benefit of using the odoo software is that it is structured on a modular basis. This means it can separately handle operations across multiple departments of work. This consists of the following - 


  • Human Resource Module - This module is designed specifically keeping in mind the relevance of the most vital administrative work procedure. The Human Resource department is one of the busiest in every company. With the implementation of the Odoo ERP, the administrative members are able to execute their activities without any pressure of workload. They can easily keep a track of the employees, their records, attendance along with their performance status. This ERP system provides extensive support to the HR department, automating all the tasks kike Employee Management, Timesheet Management, Expense Tracking, Management of leaves, Talent Acquisition, HR Payroll, Talent Acquisition and more.


  • Sales Management module - All the major operations carried out on the sales pipeline is executed in a simplified manner after the implementation of the integrated Odoo software. With this, one can optimise their sales opportunities, track every distinct order, automate the entire sales procedure as well as aim for high productivity and profitability.


  • Project Management module -  Under this module, the ERP software handles all the small to big individual projects seamlessly and effortlessly. Besides the simplified and professional management of the long line of tasks as well as delegating them, the facilitation of the project automation becomes possible. One can easily track the progress of their project, making precise analytical reports based on the performance of the whole team members. 


  • Inventory Module - With this module, any organisation can immediately gain efficiency in their operations. One of the main reasons is a simplification in the management of warehouses. The composite and unified ERP solution provides long term assistance in the analysis of stock availability, shipping and delivery management, reporting, inventory stock clearance and more. The supply chain is also maintained seamlessly.  


  • Accounting module - A complete control is grasped over the several accounting related operations like maintaining the tax structure, bookkeeping, handling various employee accounts, managing the company finances and more.  


  • CRM module -  This module is completely customer-centric so that everything is taken one-step ahead. This includes tracking all the leads, closing unfinished and finished deals, acquiring accurate forecasts and more. With the help of the Odoo CRM, interaction and engagement with the customers take place, featuring calls, mailing, event launch notifications, quotations, scheduling meetings and more.  The analytics tool is utilised for enhancing performance in sales and getting a real-time overview of the procedure.  


  • Point of Sales module -  This ERP model handles a wide range of features like the POS so that the company stays one step ahead of the customers, business staff members and more.  One can track, analyse the sales, taking cues from consolidated and accumulated data from the retail outlets, scheduled delivery deals, store feedback from the customers and more.   


3. Low Implementation pricing

When it comes to charging money for Odoo ERP implementation, the pricing is much less compared to any other model in the industry. It has absolutely no licensing cost. The Odoo Community has no licensing fee, though it has an extensive customer support unit. Each version of Odoo comes with a different set of upgraded features with no licensing fees at all.  


4. Customisable 

Another significant benefit of using the Odoo ERP is its full customisation option. The oOdoo ERP consultants can modify and tailor the software according to the requirements of the specific business. Hence, it can successfully address all the features according to the need. This is very valuable since the adoption of a company-wide Odoo ERP comes with lots of behavioural changes. The employees need to be trained, gradually familiarising themselves with the software. Hence, besides changing some core business practices, the ERP system should also be modified accordingly.     

Alex Forsyth is an Odoo ERP expert and is associated with a reliable ERP service provider in Australia named Envertis Software Solutions. The author has years of experience in working for this ERP and has written this article to highlight the key benefits of implementing this software in various organisations. The author has also discussed the Odoo price.

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