Advantages of Bamboo Pillows: Why Should You Use One?

by James Smith Online Marketing

Bamboo is an incredibly strong and flexible plant, but many people do not initially understand how bamboo can be used to make some of the softest, most comfortable pillows on the market. Neither a standard pillow stuffed with bamboo pieces nor a pillow formed from hard layers of bamboo, bamboo pillows are instead specially treated to become extremely pliant threads and then woven into one of the world’s most sustainable and hypo-allergenic textiles.

Bamboo pillows are suitable for hot sleepers, people with allergies or sensitive skin and people looking for support. This is because this type of pillow is breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and flexible. Its other benefits include being environmentally-friendly and absorbent.

The most important thing to consider surrounding your sleep health is your spinal alignment not only at night but during the day. Your spine is the bridge of your nervous system: the path by which all body function is routed. Your sleep position determines the support your spine needs to stay in a natural, neutral position through the night to accommodate healthy body function. Bamboo pillows are created to help support varying positions for a good night’s rest and overall health benefits.

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Just as its name suggests, bamboo sleeping pillows are partly made from bamboo. The cover is made from bamboo viscose while the filling is usually made of shredded memory foam. The combination of the two allows for a better sleeping experience since the pillow fabric is breathable while the filling can offer exceptional support.


Antimicrobial benefits

It may come as a surprise that bamboo has natural and very powerful antibacterial properties. This quality makes the bamboo durable. As mentioned earlier, you can grow, cut and harvest the raw products and leave it to regenerate. This ability is due to the presence of antimicrobial properties. The bamboo has a fighting bacterium called Bamboo Kun. It enables the tree to resist bacteria attack and thus the bamboo fiber stays sterile all the time.

During the extracting process of the fiber, the antimicrobial properties are reserved in the fiber. Since they have the unique ability to fight bacteria, the fibers will stay sterile and fresh for a very long time despite being a finished product. This attribute will not change even if you wash the bamboo pillow many times.

We all know a pillow absorbs your sweat at night and thus causing a smelly odor with time. The antimicrobial properties in the bamboo pillows help to absorb sweat and thus odor-free. You will always remain fresh and cool as long as you use a bamboo pillow.

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Hypoallergenic Properties

Are you allergic? Try using a bamboo pillow. They are hypo-allergenic in nature. Such an attribute helps the bamboo fiber to repel dust mites. The pillow also resists molds and mildew. Therefore, allergic people will never suffer from allergies concerning dust and molds. By using a bamboo pillow, you will remain safe and healthy for a very long time.

In addition, bamboo grows naturally and does not require any form of chemical to grow. Such an attribute enhances its hypoallergenic nature.

Moisture Absorbency

This may come as a surprise to you that bamboo has a cooling effect. A bamboo tree is naturally cool to the touch. The bamboo fibers contain micro-gaps as well as micro-holes. This unique attribute enables bamboo pillows to absorb moisture easily. As mentioned earlier, the bamboo pillow also absorbs sweat from the user.

Cooling Benefits

As mentioned before, a bamboo pillow contains micro-holes as well as micro-gaps. These micro-structures give the bamboo pillow to natural ventilation. Therefore, regulate body temperature by keeping the user cool all night long. This attribute also enables the pillow to be breathable in nature. Furthermore, bamboo is natural fiber and this enhances its cooling effect.

In addition, the micro-structure nature also traps warm air in the fiber during a cold season. Therefore, a bamboo pillow user will stay warm even when the weather is cold. You can get the same level of cooling benefits from the bamboo comforter.

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Environment Friendliness

Bamboo trees are environment-friendly in that, they grow naturally without using any form of fertilizer or chemicals. They can grow with little water, unlike most plants. That is why bamboo trees are planted in areas where other trees or plants cannot thrive. This amazing ability is what makes bamboo sustainable as well as environmentally friendly. All the bamboo products such as bamboo duvet covers, bamboo towels are environment-friendly.

Other Health Benefits

Due to the bamboo pillow’s unique traits such as hypoallergenic, micro-structure nature, and antimicrobial properties, they are good for people who suffer from respiratory ailments. These attributes reduce the high chance of getting respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Reduce Snoring

Bamboo pillows do not cure snoring rather they help by reducing snoring. The bamboo fibers are comfortable, breathable, flexible, and soft in nature. The pillow will adjust to your sleeping style by adapting your sleeping posture. This in return, reduces all attributes that cause snoring such as neck pain and poor circulation of air among others.

The bamboo pillow helps All Types of Sleeper to sleep

Bamboo pillows are full of memory foam that adjusts to the contour of your neck, shoulder and head thus favoring every type of user. The pillows are flexible, soft and comfortable and thus suit every type of sleeper. As mentioned earlier, the bamboo fibers are shredded to become pliant. Whether you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, this attribute will make the pillow adjust to your sleeping posture with ease.

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A good night's sleep requires a quality pillow such as a bamboo pillow. With the various benefits such as hypoallergenic and microbial properties to mention the least, it is obvious that the bamboo pillow will suit your needs. In addition, the pillows come in different sizes to suit every type of sleeper. For these reasons and many more, purchase a bamboo pillow for a night of quality sleep.

Source: Advantages of Bamboo Pillows: Why Should You Use One?

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