Advancements in Scoliosis Treatment Options in India With Cutting-Edge Technology

by Ankit Sharma Healthcare Consultant

Overview: Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis is a disorder that causes an abnormal curve of the backbone, or spine. There is a normal spinal curve when looking from the side, but the spine should appear straight when looking from the front. 

Scoliosis is hereditary in that people with scoliosis are more likely to have kids with scoliosis; however, there may be no correlation among the severities of the curves from one generation to the next. Surgical treatment is a choice used commonly for severe scoliosis (curves greater than forty-five degrees) or for curves that don't respond to bracing.

Scoliosis surgical treatment advantages are, to prevent a curve from progressing, to reduce rib prominence and decrease spinal deformity.

Scoliosis surgery cost in India

Types of scoliosis

The Scoliosis Association of the United Kingdom describes five main types of scoliosis:

  • Congenital scoliosis, while the backbone does no longer form efficiently before the birth.

  • Early-onset scoliosis appears from birth to 10 years.

  • Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, which occurs as the kid grows, leading to a curving and twisting of the spine.

  • Degenerative scoliosis can have an effect on adults due to wear and tear of the skeletal system, whether or not they already have scoliosis.

  • Neuromuscular scoliosis stems from a problem with the muscles or nervous system.

  • Scheuermann's kyphosis, wherein the front sections of the vertebrae develop more slowly than the back sections, making them smaller.

  • Syndromic scoliosis is linked to one of a range of syndromes, including Marfan's syndrome and trisomy 21. 

Types of Surgery for Scoliosis Patients:

A scoliosis surgical procedure manner will contain those steps:

  1. Insertion of bone grafts: Two or more vertebrae, or spine bones, are connected with new bone grafts. In some cases, metal rods, hooks, screws or wires are utilized to hold a portion of the spine straight while the bone heals.
  2. The patient is placed in intensive care: A usual operation lasts four to eight hours. Afterward, the patient is transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU), where he or she will be given intravenous fluid and pain relief.

Surgeries for scoliosis surgery benefits utilize these approaches:

  • Posterior approach: taken into consideration the most common sort of scoliosis surgical treatment, the posterior approach is accomplished with the affected person lying face-down, and the surgeon reaches the surgical place via “opening” the patient’s back.

  • Anterior approach: Surgeons make an incision at the patient that follows the bottom ribs, ending in a north-south direction above the navel. This allows the surgeon to get access to the lower spine very special.

In some cases, the surgeon can also perform the operation through the chest wall (called a thoracotomy), by making an incision in the chest, deflating the lung and removing a rib to reach the spine.

The removed rib can be used during the procedure as a strut to support the spine and may also be repositioned within the patient until it’s used for bone grafting during fusion.

  • Combined posterior-anterior approach: The anterior method is used first to allow correction of the issues, whilst the posterior approach is applied for the fusion a part of the operation. Combining these two approaches can lead to a very long and complex surgery.

  • Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS): This involves video-assisted anterior approach and spinal instrumentation (developed recently). There are two caveats for VATS. The first is that it can be complicated and only a few surgeons are trained to perform it, and the second is that VATS is used only for patients with single curves in the upper back, or with a curve in the upper back and a compensating curve in the lower back.

Benefits of scoliosis treatment in India

The best benefit of having this procedure done in India is that the scoliosis treatment cost in India is very less in comparison to that of the developed nations. India has been gaining fame recently for being the best destination to undergo any type of medical procedure. The medical technology in India is very advanced with the latest of technologies to utilize at anyone leisure.

The surgeons in India are also famed for being immensely experienced and for being the best in their respective disciplines with having performed complex and sophisticated procedures in countries like Canada, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, France, Germany and many more.

Anyone can avail benefits of scoliosis treatment in India with the most advanced technology and experienced surgeons and bear an expense of half of what it would usually be in western countries.

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