A Timeshare Exit Attorney Can Free you of the High Costs of a Timeshare Membership

by Legal S. Real Estate Attorneys in CA and NV

A Timeshare, also referred to as fractional vacation ownership, is a membership to a resort consisting of interests shared by multiple owners. A timeshare unit usually is a “right to use” or membership interest in a hotel or condominium unit.

A timeshare membership often negatively impacts the average timeshare owner due to the high maintenance and special assessment fees that accrue, and due to the unavailability at peak vacation times, the timeshare unit is difficult if not impossible to book.

Once a timeshare owner, one is then subjected to predatory non-attorney timeshare cancellation or exit companies that promise clients quick cancellation of timeshare contracts. In reality, however, a timeshare contract is a binding legal document that cannot be cancelled without evidence of failure of consideration, fraud, or only if it permits cancellation.

Most states demand that contracts have timeshare cancellation clause in order to make it simple for people to cancel them easily or get out of the contract if they want to. Other ways to get out of the contract includes transferring ownership, selling or donating the timeshare. Breach of a timeshare contract may expose a timeshare owner to legal and financial obligations.

For timeshare owners interested in exiting the timeshare, a timeshare attorney specializing in timeshare law should be evaluated.

Ways a Timeshare Attorney can help


A timeshare cancellation attorney or his staff will meet with you in order to completely understand the legal complications of the case. As all cases are different, this initial consultation is an absolute necessary and is free of charge.

A lawyer specializing in timeshare cancellation can help you to get out of a timeshare contract even after the initial cooling off, or rescission period.  A solid, experienced timeshare lawyer is familiar with the legal basis for cancellation of timeshare contracts.

There are various legal techniques for cancellation, one of which is negotiating a deed back or deed-in-lieu directly with the timeshare. As timeshare developers loathe taking back their timeshare, in most cases only a timeshare attorney specializing in this field can secure this result and successfully walk you through the process.

Also, timeshare attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to detect how timeshare companies violate the law, thus making it possible for you to file a lawsuit.  A non-lawyer does not have this weapon in their arsenal, since they are unlicensed and cannot file legal actions for you to exit your timeshare without an attorney.

In addition, a timeshare attorney specializing in cancellation is familiar with the fraudulent and misleading methods often used by timeshare resort developers.  The lawyers experience and history with the timeshare developer, and his or her reputation as a consumer advocate, is often the necessary ingredient to a successful timeshare cancellation.

The law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates is a consumer advocacy firm that has specialized in timeshare cancellation for over 40 years. Frequently referred to as the founder, creator and godfather of the timeshare cancellation business his office has effectively cancelled over 20,000 timeshare files. A+ rated on BBB and is rated at 10.0 on the national lawyer rating service


Get a Timeshare Attorney for Release of Legally Binding Timeshare Contracts

A timeshare vacation ownership is a property space with a specific periodic form of possession rights. These resort properties are treated like a holiday home or resort condominium blocks, which are used by 2 or more parties. Every party is allotted a limited time-period for partial ownership rights, during which that time they can use the timeshare unit.

There are many factors to consider before signing a timeshare contract. Many buyers and vacation enthusiasts feel forced to continue their agreement and get tied down to an expensive, complex timeshare situation. Most of them desperately want to get rid of the contract. If you are one of the innumerable timeshare owners who feel cheated or legally coerced into a timeshare resort scam, then it is wise to attain the services of a competent timeshare attorney before it’s too late.


The Important Role of Timeshare Attorneys


A timeshare attorney can help you fight your case so that you may cancel the timeshare contract and get free. Solid timeshare lawyers with a proven record usually provide no-cost, first-time consultations to understand the specific details of your timeshare case and its legal implications.

The timeshare lawyer uses certain facts or information in handling a timeshare case:

§  If you desire to discontinue paying the timeshare fees, the timeshare attorney can assist you in filing a ‘deed-in-lieu’ to free you from the binding contract.

§  When you approach a timeshare lawyer with fully paid timeshare membership, the attorney can still aid you by providing a timeshare exit service.

§  Expert timeshare lawyers are aware of all the timeshare loopholes and misinterpreted facts purposely presented in the fine print by multi-national resorts and other timeshare property owners.

§  Timeshare cases involve complicated procedures and require hard work, experience and total dedication by professionally qualified timeshare attorneys.

§  An experienced timeshare lawyer can easily detect or find the missing details that were not provided by the owner to you, before one signs the timeshare contract.


The primary job of a timeshare lawyer is to get justice and prove the misinterpretation of missing information that was not given to the buyer before signing the timeshare lease agreement. Once this is proved, then the actual process of timeshare cancellation begins. As a competent lawyer, he can release you from a timeshare that has a negative impact on your financial health and saves you from paying on the ongoing debt of the timeshare.

There are several timeshare law offices in United States. You can also visit the website to contact Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates who are expert timeshare attorneys and offer services that include timeshare cancellation, timeshare exit, and permanent relief for harassed timeshare owners who do not desire to continue the contract and pay the exorbitant fees related to timeshare ownership.

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