A Sore Member Doesn’t Mean No Release

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It’s one of the most frustrating things a man can imagine: He wants to get off, but his manhood doesn’t agree. In fact, he has a really sore member that is difficult to touch, let alone stroke to a point of pure pleasure. What’s a man to do when he needs a release but a sore member precludes that pleasure?

The good news is that a situation like this provides an opportunity learn something new. A man might think he knows his body very well, but a sore member can force him to find exciting zones he didn’t know he had. Here are a few ideas.

Unusual Exciting Zones

Though a guy might think that his manhood is the most sensitive part of his body, there are other areas that can send his imagination and his body soaring. When a partner plays in those areas, it’s entirely possible that his sore member might enjoy it much more than he expected. For instance, a partner caressing a man’s ears could send him to the moon and back. Soft kisses on the neck and throat can do the same. The fingertips and hands are also very sensitive; a man could lie back, close his eyes and focus on the sensation when a partner plays with those fingertips. The result can be explosive.

Getting Close but Not Quite There

There are areas around the manhood that can spark a lot of excitement, and those are worth exploring. The reproductive organs are obviously very sensitive, and touching them in a variety of ways can get a man quite excited. In addition, touching a man’s rear can be a jolt of excitement that makes it quite easy for him to enjoy the playfulness without actually stressing out his sore member. With some experimentation, a guy and his partner might find the strokes that actually bring on that release without doing much touching of the manhood – or perhaps none at all! It’s a great game to try.

Stimulate the Brain

It’s been said many times, because it’s true: The brain is the body’s largest exciting zone. All attraction and stimulation begins there! So a man can spend some time thinking about past experiences, reading adult material, watching adult videos, and otherwise spending all sorts of time engaging his brain. Some of these thoughts can be strong enough to lead to pleasure without further irritating an out-of-commission sore member.

An Opportunity to Experiment

Though it might seem that a sore member can lead to less fun than a man wants to have, the truth is that all that irritation forces a man to look and think elsewhere for the pleasure he once took for granted. This opens up whole new worlds of fun, from using toys designed for places other than the manhood, to talking with a partner about new ways to find pleasure, to touching and enjoying each other in ways that they hadn’t considered before. It’s an important opportunity for good communication, which can lead to better intimacy down the road.

Maintaining Good Manhood Care

Good manhood care is vitally important when dealing with a sore member. An injury to the manhood can mean serious treatment and care, and to ensure good function in the long run, a doctor’s orders should always be followed. Be sure to ask the doctor when it is okay to begin using a top-quality male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). This crème should contain natural ingredients, such as vitamin E and Shea butter, that help the skin heal without adding anymore stress to it.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy member. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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