A Quick Guide to Archery for Beginners

by Zack Ayala Bows Shop Oudtshoorn

Humans have different skills that can be enhanced in different ways. Taking over a different type of activities and honing those skills will help you achieve fitness and is a great way of exercising. Archery as most of us knows it is a skill of bows and arrows. Aiming at the perfect spot, you hit hard at so you hit right there, at the perfect point. Dating back to the Stone Age, archery was practiced by the man at that point of time, to hunt animals and prepare food for them. Hunting was the main sport back then.

Old mythology

Dating back to the Greek mythology, archery plays an important role there as well. Taking into account the skill set of Odyssey, it was eminently skilled with the practice of archery. The Odyssey bow got huge recognition when Penelope laid down the sentence of a suitor, who will use this bow in an efficient way. This way she will get the t\he perfect match for her, after the death of her husband, recognizing the one who can defeat everyone and can prove to his wife that he is fearless and strong.

Modern era approach

As the modern era stepped in, the game of bow and arrow became popular as Archery. It was then given a more sophisticated name. Archery is not that tough and anybody can excel at it. The techniques are to be mastered well and the aim should be perfect. In order to master the art of archery, you need to have hundred percent concentrations, so that you hit the exact point.  In order to excel at the game of archery, some tips shall be followed

·          Good club: The first thing, which is way too important, is top notch coaches and one of the best clubs. This way you will be guided by pros and will have a good training. Cape Town Archery will give you one of the best training in the world of archery.

·          Lay down the foundation: In order to excel at something, you should learn the basics first. You should be well versed in the basics. The reason behind this is that the basic and the initial steps like the position, the techniques etc. helps in giving the skill a base. This way you can further step up when it comes down to complex skills.

·          Arm strength: Archery is the game that involves positioned arms. This is why you should develop your arm strength. The arm strength will make it even more convenient to go ahead and practice the skill of Archery. Western Cape Archery shall be the best way to hone those hidden skills.

Practice and take notes: It is really important to keep on practicing the skills. Practice makes a man perfect. Then take note of the important points and tips and tricks, so that you don't forget the initials and enhance your skills.




In a nutshell, archery is considered as one of the best mental exercises. The reason behind this is that the skills involved in this game are all inclined towards concentration and focus. The enhancement of focus will help you get ahead in the mental area.

Zack Ayala is a big name in the field of Archery. Learned from Cape Town Archery, his journey in this skill is commendable. He gives the credit of his success to his amazing mentors, who engaged him in the sport of Western Cape Archery.

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