A Quick Glance at Plasma Cutting Services

by Alfie Davies Financial Manager

Different sectors of commerce are employing metal fabrications for decorative purposes, profiling, personalisation and much more. This is also known as profile cutting where desired shapes and sizes are extracted from pieces of metal sheets, plates, etc.

In profile cutting services, various processes are employed by different industries to achieve desired results. These cutting processes include the following:

      Oxy profile cutting

      Laser profile cutting

      Plasma profile cutting

Plasma cutting services were innovated and adapted into the market long back in the 1950s and have been in use since. Before this process, metals were cut using flame that had many drawbacks other than safety challenges, known as flame cut. A highly focused and super-fast beam of plasma from the plasma torch cuts through the metal by melting the applied area without warping the surfaces for a smoother and precise finesse.

Let us break down the process into successive steps:

      Inert gases are blown out through a nozzle

      The gas is treated with an electric arc that is passed through it

      The gas changes into plasma after passing through the plasma torch

There are multiple benefits that make plasma cutters an obvious choice for profile cutting service providers. They are:

      Ease of Operation - There are new technologies that do not require manual input for handling plasma cutters; automated and computer controlled equipment are readily available nowadays that also increase the design types that are not achievable through manual usage.

      Cost-effective - Solely functioning on hard compressed air and electricity, plasma cutting reduces usage costs. There is no need to purchase bottled gas or install gas lines externally for profile cutting. This can add to the profit of the industry.

      Speed and time - Rate of production increases as both thick and thin profiles can be cut with ease and speed. Most of the times, plasma cut profiles do not require reworking. Increase in speed consumes less time for one task, thus maximizing the outputs.

      Quality - The business and the clients benefit from the precise cuts and fabrications achieved through plasma cutting. Superior quality products are achieved with careful and experienced handling of this process. 

      Usability - Plasma beams are highly focused and consume less energy. Warping of edges in the application area is very less, that gives smooth finesses. Another variation of using a plasma cutter is underwater. This produces less noise and less heat, ensuring better safety.

The process is versatile in nature that allows cutting various kinds of thicker materials or stacks of materials all at once without the worry of warping. This means more production in less time.

      Safety - There are very few injuries while using this process as no flames, flammable gases, flickering or heat diffusion occurs. Underwater uses make it even safer with no challenge to productivity or designing.

Various applications of profile cutting are being observed for a long time and the prospect of this process shows that it is here to stay. Thus, this section of manufacturing needs constant upgrading and application of advanced technology for qualitative and safe results.

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