A List Of Simple Methods To Search Email Addresses

by Ayaz Ahmad Online Business Analyst

You have a lot of openings to hit. Yet one question is there. You have no contact identifications. You can try to guess or check Google, but these two choices take a lot of time. In fact, most emails will bounce like this.

Fortunately, emails are much easier to search!

Here are three convenient ways to find an email address for someone.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit connect is an email finder that comes as a chrome extension of Outlook and Gmail that identifies email addresses of key organizational people. Simply enter the corporate name and a list of the key individuals with their positions, email identifications, location and social media profiles will appear.

Clearbit Connect's downside is that you can find it difficult to locate a particular employee's email address in a company.

For 100 searches a month, Clearbit's Group Plan is free to use. Clearbit can access your contact details on behalf of its companies so that it can link them to your database.

Rocket Reach

RocketReach is a business email finder will provide you with 250 million professionals in their database of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and social media profiles.

Type the name of your goal or Linkedin account after the signup process has ended. With the advanced search method you can restrict your quest to the venue, sector, job title and company of your prospect. The tool shows your email addresses with their respective levels of confidence (as reliable as the email is likely). These contacts can then be retained for further use.

This business email finder has a free unlimited trial that only permits three searches every month. This covers premium plans between $49/month (170 searches for e-mail) and $299/month (1150 searches for e-mail).

So Rocket Scope is costly when you try to receive a few centuries of e-mails a month!


Interseller is an email address finder that enables multifunctional email application processes. Look at our 'Email Lookup' feature.

You just need to type in the name and website of your friend. Type your information in the tool and all checked e-mail addresses will be sent to you. The emails that have already been checked have been confirmed and the credibility in sending emails does not have to be impaired.

This email finder is also an integrated email marketing and prospecting tool. Interseller also reviews e-mails in real time. It saves you the difficulty to use many resources to prospect, scan and send emails.

You can find emails through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github platforms. We're going to see how ...

Using the Chrome Extension Interseller

When you know your AngelList, Twitter, CrunchBase or GitHub profile, you can obtain the email address for your prospects.

Download the chrome extension from Interseller to the technical profile of your customer. You will see an Interseller button on their profile when the extension is mounted. You can access your email addresses checked by clicking. You may also connect them via the extension directly to your email campaign.

You can get access to the private email address, or, the address which they used to sign up on the social media platform, if you communicate with your prospect on LinkedIn. You can export a CSV file containing all of your contacts, including your full name, e-mail address, current employer and job information.

Use the Bulk Lookup function of Interseller to access work email IDs of your connection after receipt of a.csv file. This role transforms the.csv file information into functional contacts. It searches for the name and website of your contact to find their email addresses for their job.

Using GitHub to search for emails

You can also supply prospects through Github with email addresses. Typically a Github profile has an email address, a twitter and a link to the website.

Unfortunately there is no contact details in some of the better user profiles.

How are you dealing with this issue?

Copy your name in namechk to recognize the usernames of your prospective user, and include them as a link to other social media websites such as LinkedIn. Then you can use the technique I described before to extract your personal email id.

You can also use this Github hack to remove your secret email address.

Using Twitter to search for emails

Would you like to contact your fans of twitter or those of a competitor??


Handle is a modern application that gives users with a specific twitter handle access to email ids. The platform is still in beta, but an invitation to access can be requested early.

Twitter Advanced Search

By manually searching on Twitter, you can always try to find an email address. Many users may receive e-mail requests. You will find it via the advanced Twitter search feature, if you have posted it.

In the column "All these words," type the words (at)(dot). In the "From other Accounts" tab, you can insert your twitter name.

There are some methods to infer what an email may be for the same entity based on the related email patterns.

An email produces 50 + email address combinations automatically instead of attempting to guess the email identity of your prospect manually.


Dozens of software can allow you to find email addresses, but you need a tool that's extremely reliable and does not break the bank if your team has to send dozens and/or even hundreds emails a month. But, we recommend as the best email address finder in the market. So, go check out their free trial version.

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