A Guide To Slow Tyre Puncture to Be Careful

by James Planket A Campbell

Have you ever come across a situation where your tyre is losing air but there are no signs of damage? In the technical world, it’s called slow puncture, which can be a risky situation. For your Tyres Smethwick safety, it should be dealt with carefully so you don’t end up putting yourself in a risky situation. So, we have this guide to slow tyre puncture to be careful. Read everything carefully and see what needs to be done. Do the needful!

How To Find Leak in the Tyre

The most simple answer to this question is water. Simply water is enough to see where the tyre is leaking from. It can either be plain or soapy water. Fill the water in a spray bottle and spray the water on the tyre covering tread, sidewalls, valve system, sides of the rim, and the opening with the cap removed.

When you are done doing that, you can spot bubbles only on the specific area where the leak is happening. Do this by removing the tyre so it’s easier. That’s the most efficient and convenient way to spot the leak of a slow puncture.

We have got another way.

Another way is to submerge the entire tyre in a tub full of water. In the area of the leak, you will see some bubbles forming and that’s the exact problematic area for you to fix. After you have spotted the problem, it’s time for the solution.

How To Stop Slow Puncture?

A tyre plug kit and tyre puncture sealants are the two best ways to stop a slow puncture in your tyre. But, a professional hand is an amazing option that you can opt for. You can choose any of these options. The main idea is to get the issue fixed.

  • Slow Puncture Solution Using Tyre Puncture Sealants
  • If you want to go with tyre puncture sealants, here’s what you can do.
  • You should always initiate the process by understanding the instructions written on the sealant pack. This one is very important.
  • Now with the help of the pliers, it’s time to remove any offending object you find on tyres.
  • The third step is to make sure that the wheels’ position is at the car’s top.
  • The sealant goes in the valve cap. It’s time to unscrew the valve cap now.

Now comes the main step. Place the tube’s nozzle on the valve cap and apply the sealant carefully.

When the application is done, rotating the wheel is very important to make sure that the product is spread across the tyre in the right and equal amount. Do this by driving the car. It also ensures that there are no lumps formed.

  • Slow Puncture Solution Using Tyre Plug Kit
  • If you want to go with a tyre plug kit, here’s what you can do.

The process begins with losing the lug nuts with the help of impact wrench carefully. Keep in mind that you have to break off the lug nuts before the jack part to ensure that the vehicle’s weight is still on the wheels. This is to make sure that there is no risky spinning.

Now the next part is to jack up the car. Do that very carefully. After the car is jacked up, it’s time for lug nuts removal. Use the wrench for the same. Now with the help of the pliers, it’s time to remove any offending object you find on tyres. After it’s done, find the problem area by following the above steps.

When you can locate the hole now, take a rasp and clean the hole to make the area rough. Go back to the kit and find a plug and insertion tool. Now it’s time to thread the plug with the insertion tool. Lubricating the plug is another step in the process that’s also very crucial for a good fix.

Now it's time to put the plug in the tyre that would require some force. Use the insertion tool for the same. After that, leave it for some time to let it dry. After everything is done, it’s time to pump up the tyre. To double check, follow the soap water procedure to make sure that the process is done right. If not, fix it by adding more adhesive. It’s a step that you must follow.   

When you are sure that everything is done right, fix the tyre back to the car. This is the final step. Make sure to follow the steps the right way so the problem is fixed for your convenience.

Be Careful and Ready About Slow Tyre Puncture

Slow puncture is a common problem be it any tyre from sports, normal, and Performance Tyres Smethwick. So, the right idea is to be informed, careful, and be ready about it from your end.

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