A Glimpse Of triple net lease Investment Property Samples

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Let's discuss the NNN investment property samples for sale along with the advantages and the entire ways one should approach for a lease agreement such as Gross lease, Net lease, NNN lease, NN lease, Absolute lease, or Bond lease. We have explained the basic differences between these common structures here.

These lease structure agreements define the term of the leases. In case of gross lease all the gross also known as operating expenses of the property are handled by the landlord like property insurance fees, maintenance costs, and real estate taxes are paid by the owner of the property. A net lease should always have a rent payment that covers the operating expenses net or excluding individual costs. The more 'nets' the lease will have fewer property expenses, the lease payment will cover. Now let's understand why NNN investments are popular among real estate investors and how we should make the choice of location.


Understanding 'triple-net lease' investment


'NNN lease' are the contracts under which an agreement is signed between the tenant and owner of the property. Sometimes these leases are also known as 'triple-net lease,' under which the tenant of the property pays all the property expenses along with the base rent — allowing the owner of the property to get relief from all the burden of paying the maintenance expenses of the property. This is the best type of investment chosen by the investor for the steady flow of income from the property they own without spending anything. Under this, the tenant of the property also pays expenses like utilities and insurance. The base rent under a NNN lease is quite low as compared with the gross lease.

Before knowing about  Triple net  lease  Investment Property Samples for sale, an investor should know about the choice of location:

Strong demographics and the distinct parcel is the key to success. Therefore when the investor purchases a NNN property, the vital point to be considered is the location. The property which the investor decides to buy should have a good number of residents who require the product or the service that the tenants provide. The property must be reachable from the main road; easy access for the client should be there to enter and leave. The locations that are close to many tenants have the benefit of being treated as a destination for shoppers.


Fact check before purchasing a triple-net property:

* Location – How easy would it be to replace a tenant if you lose him?

* How experienced is the franchisee and how many other properties does it have?

* Is the tenant a national chain or a franchisee?

* What's the financial performance of the location in the last few years?

* How much time remains on the lease? If there's more time, the property would be more valuable.

Individual tax situations can differ and can be quite complex. It is advisable to seek guidance from a tax professional in a specific situation. If you are looking for NNN Investment Property Samples, call Triple net lease  at 1-888-993-2835 or drop an email:

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