A Few Reasons to Start Your Development Journey with MVP

by Max Savonin CEO at KeenEthics

Today, people generate ideas at an incredible rate. These ideas are translated into the solutions and strategies they develop. To keep pace with the latest trends and innovations, businesses continually improve themselves and expand their functionality. As a result, new startups and IT products are created day by day.

Because customers’ demands are rising, businesses aim to impress the audience with something new and unique. Yet, not always, unique means useful. One of the ways to check whether the audience needs your solution is to build MVP. MVP, which stands for a minimum viable product, refers to the primary, test version of your product that comprises only key features and is used to gather feedback to check the potential of your idea. 

Do you think that you have never dealt with MVP? I am almost sure that you actually have. If you have ever visited a landing page of some product, seen a 3D-model, or viewed an explainer video congratulations, MVP is a part of our experience, too. Minimum viable products vary in form and representation. Regardless of the model which you use, MVP development gives a number of benefits. What are these?

  1. MVP introduces your idea to the audience and makes it clear what your customer needs.

Probably, the most important advantage of MVP lies in its practical essence. Still doubting whether clients will be ready to pay for your product? Instead of trying to forecast results and instead of making assumptions about your startup, build MVP and see a real-life picture. These are early adopters of your product that will give you a better understanding of the tendencies on the market and the demands of your target audience. 

  1. MVP is the combination of minimum risks and enough gains.

Under the conditions of the pandemic, people try to save resources as much as possible. If you are going to launch a startup, you know that risks now mean much more than it was a year ago. Saving time and money are the number-one priorities for businesses today. At the same time, if you are creating some product, you expect particular results. To find a happy medium between possible losses and gains, build MVP first. 

Do clients like your idea? Great! It is a perfect time to develop a final product and impress them even more! And what if they don’t like it? It’s also great because with MVP, you do not lose all your money. Be ready to analyze the feedback and improve or adjust your software solution to meet customers’ needs.

  1. MVP gives you the chance to stay creative and maintain flexibility.

You have an idea but do not know how to implement it? Maybe it’s time to contact the MVP development company. Together with a team, it will be easier for you to decide on the product type, define your strategy, and outline your goals. Moreover, if you want to adjust your product or some aspect of its functionality during the development stage, there will be no problem, too. The MVP development method is the best option for creative people and those who tend to understand their wishes better only in the process of their realization.

  1. MVP maximizes the effectiveness of your final product.

Mistakes are unavoidable on the way to success. It means that regardless of how unique and interesting your idea is, there will always be room for improvement. If you want to create a really perfect product, you should test it first. Being a test version of your final technological solution, MVP makes it more effective. 

At first glance, an app or another software product might seem ready for use. However, when users start interacting with your application more actively, it turns out that it contains some errors and bugs. Consequently, clients are dissatisfied with the features and do not want to use such a product anymore. To prevent such cases, businesses opt for the MVP model and ensure that features are tested and improved in the course of the development.

  1. MVP affects reputation and a company’s image.

Even if your MVP version fails to meet all clients’ requirements at once, you do not lose anything. Moreover, you can use this situation to earn the respect of your audience. If they see that you take into account their feedback and adjust your product to customers’ demands, you will create an impression of a responsible and trustworthy company. The clients’ voice is heard, so you are in the right way.

Concluding Remarks

MVP saves time, effort, and resources. In movies we watch every day, there is always someone who takes a risk and hits the jackpot. The reality, however, is different. We don’t live in a movie and should take really informed and justified decisions. In this regard, MVP is a way to check whether you will manage to fulfill your own expectations.

The power of MVP should not be underestimated. Snapchat, Dropbox, Instagram it seems that nearly all popular software products started with MVP and soon turned into a huge success. Therefore, if you aim to join this list, follow their example and crash-test your idea first.

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