A Definitive Guide to MCT Oil

by River Supply River Supply Co.

MCT oil is the talk of the town. Every other person who promotes healthy living talks about it.

So, you must be thinking, is it some kind of superfood? Well, we won't say that it is not, but unless you know the ins and out of MCT oil, it is better to avoid using it. This is because, even though MCTs have many benefits for the human body, it can prove unhealthy in some cases. 

So, before we get into other benefits of MCT, let's understand What MCT oil is.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, and it is a specific type of fatty acid that doesn't need to be digested by your stomach. So, when you eat something with such medium-chain fats, they directly go into the liver after bypassing the gut. 

So, when a person follows a low-carbohydrate diet or even a ketogenic diet, then MCTs can convert into Ketones. And ketones are nothing but the fat turned into energy, meaning your body doesn't store fats from the oil but transforms it into energy so your body can use it. 

What are the benefits of MCT oil?

1- Gain instant energy:

MCT don't need to be digested because they directly move towards the liver and gets converted into ketones. And when a person on a low-carbohydrate diet consumes MCT, the fat directly gets converted to energy, meaning the person will experience an instant boost of energy. 

2- MCT oil is easy to digest:

Digestion can be the main issue for many people. But when you consume MCT oil, it gets used and absorbed quickly by your body. And that means you give your digestive system a break from the digestion process too. 

3- Keeps you full for longer:

It is reported that MCT increases the release of hormones like leptin and YY peptide. These hormones are notorious for making a person feel fuller. Many people who consume MCT for breakfast skip lunch because of the fullness. 

4- Improved gut:

Studies have claimed that MCTs have both antiviral and antibacterial properties. Some evidence also shows that MCTs can fight pathogenic bacteria while balancing the gut bacteria. So, if you include MCT in your healthy diet, you can improve your gut over time. 

5- Improved brain function:

Ketones, in the absence of glucose, can get used as a source of energy. And that is why many people who start a ketogenic diet claim increased mental clarity. 

Bottom line

So, now that you know the benefits. We are sure that you must be thinking about starting the MCT oil intake. Well, we aren't saying don't start it but if you do start, take it slow. See how your body reacts with a small dosage, and then proceed. 

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