A Complete guide to Buying a Panna Stone

by Khanna Gems KhannaGems – The Best Gems Stone Brand in India

As anyone involved in the gemstone community would know, or even those with a passive inclination towards gemstones in general, there are very few gemstones that can stand toe to toe with the Panna in terms of fame and beauty. The incredible beauty of the gemstone is indeed so popular, that its supply often struggles to keep up with the demand.

For those who might still be a tad confused or perplexed as to what the word ‘Panna’ actually means, there is really no need for any confusion. It is but an Indian moniker used to signify the gemstone the world otherwise recognizes as Emerald. Panna gemstones can be easily identified by the characteristic shades of Green they come in, which can be various, depending upon factors. References to the stone are numerous in India’s textual history as well; they can be found mentioned in numerous Vedic texts, which speak at length about the host of benefits and properties that the stone possesses. Ancient Greek culture is also famous for having been obsessed by the stone’s beauty and its seemingly miraculous powers. Panna gemstones are known to fall under the dominion of Mercury. They are known to be extremely helpful to people with low confidence or self-esteem, and are said to be tremendously effective in helping them overcome them. People involved in performing arts are said to prefer Panna as it helps them overcome their fears and inhibitions, a step that is absolutely necessary in order to excel in the department.

So how should you decide on a panna to buy? Worry not, for here are some key factors that you could keep in mind when purchasing one:

  1. Colour – As mentioned, a panna’s color is instantly recognizable, and with a basic bit of research, you should be well-equipped to judge if a panna is authentic by looking at its color. The shade also determines the price of the stone in question; usually, deeper it is, higher would be the gemstone’s price.

  2. Clarity – The other notable factor to understand about Panna is clarity. Inclusions are not exactly avoidable when it comes to this gemstone, and you should expect some inclusions as a mark of authenticity. Just ensure that there is neither a tangible lack of inclusions (which probably would mean the gemstone is fake) or an overwhelming excess of it, which could affect the transparency of the gemstone.

Buying from a trusted gemstone dealer in these circumstances is almost a responsibility. One never knows when they might be cheated behind their back, and with gemstones the possibility is more than ripe. Which is why, buying from Khanna Gems is extremely convenient and makes much more sense than choosing a random name off the block. With over thirty years of experience and expertise in the field, Khanna Gems is known throughout the gemstone community as a trusted name. When choosing Gem Selections, you can solely commit to browsing and choosing a panna for yourself, without being clouded by any apprehensions that you would otherwise be dealing with.

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