A Brief History of Cooling and Heating Systems

by Kevin Smith Author

Like most of the world's technological breakthroughs, the heating and cooling systems people know today are a result of human creativity and persistence. They're the fruits of scientists and inventors who challenged themselves to solve the problems of their times. Continue reading to learn more about some key milestones.

From the Ancient Times

Romans were the first to use a heating system. They called it the hypocaust, which produced and circulated hot air below bathhouses and public homes. For it to operate sufficiently, it required a furnace (which was placed in a separate area) and underfloor chambers that served as the ductwork. The idea came to be because of the low temperatures and lack of comfortable and efficient heating resources during that time. It was especially used when the elites came together to socialize and mingle.


It's also said that the Romans were the first to attempt cooling indoor temperature. The nobility took advantage of aqueduct systems to let cold water flow through their homes. One of their emperors, Elagabalus, even scaled things up by importing mountains of snow using donkey trains. The accumulated snowfall was placed next to his villa, so his summer days won't feel hot.

Away From the Evils of High Temperature

During the 1840s, Dr. John Gorrie believed that cooling was the key to avoiding illnesses and making patients comfortable. The problem was that his proposed system needed frost to be shipped from frozen lakes and streams in the northern US to Florida.


To find the solution, he began experimenting with an artificial alternative. He designed a machine that produced ice using a compressor powered by a horse, water, and wind-driven sails. His invention became the foundation for modern air conditioning systems.

The Father of Air Conditioning

For many years, the idea of artificial cooling went stagnant. That was until Engineer Willis Carrier was assigned to solve a humidity problem in a printing plant in Brooklyn where he worked. They said that the issue caused the magazine pages to wrinkle. After a series of experiments, Carrier designed a system he called "Apparatus for Treating Air." The equipment used steam coils filled with water, which could humidify by heating the liquid and dehumidify by making it cold.


Not long after that, Carrier decided to stop his contract with the Brooklyn company to form his own. Along with six other engineers, they started the Carrier Engineering Corporation, refining his invention to fit the demands of the masses.

To the Present Day

As the days get hotter, the demand for air conditioning units also spikes. They've evolved from being a luxury to a necessity. These pieces of equipment help in elevating people's quality of life, cooling the hot summer days, and warming the cold winter nights.


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