A Beginner’s Guide to the Right Vaping Devices

by Andrew R. Researcher

Vaping is an interesting innovation, and its prospect outweighs the downsides. Hence, you may be intrigued, and you want to try it out. However, when you decide to try out vaping, there are several devices you can go for. The sheer number of devices you can choose from can be overwhelming if you are new to the vaping game. 

At least, you'll need to try out more than one vaping device to find out the one you like. Hence, you should enjoy the process of selection. In this guide, we explore details that will make your selection hassle easier. 


The Types of Vaping Devices

There are five main types of vaping devices. Each of these device types is available on whatever shopping platform you prefer, either you are purchasing online or at a local smoke shop. Let's take a look at everything to understand each of the devices. 


Cig-a-likes are the first vaping devices to be produced. As the name suggests, they are close to normal cigarettes in design. The major difference is the presence of a battery, flavor cartridge and cartomizer. 

You have to draw at the device for it to activate. These devices can also handle about 24mg of nicotine. Some of these devices feature LED lights at the base to mimic real cigarettes. 


·       They are the best option when trying to quit smoking

·       They are portable and easy to use. 

·       They are the best vaping device for smokers who enjoy mouth-to-lung inhalation.


·       They have a shorter battery lifespan.

·       They have a low e-juice capacity

·       The performance is not impressive enough. 


Box Mod

The Box Mod are different from the ci-a-like, as they are very bulky. The design also features an external battery setup. There is also a sub-ohm tank. You can also view the ohmmeter and temperature settings of the device, which you can easily adjust. 


·       Feature in-built safety measures

·       You get more control over your vaping experience

·       Efficient for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung inhalation processes

·       It has a longer battery lifespan


·       You’ll have to buy separate batteries per time

·       There is some degree of learning to do if you are new to vaping. Hence, not for beginners


Vape Pens

These devices come with a tank, safety features and a battery pack. The safety features shut up the device every few seconds. Most vape pens are also chargeable with a USD charger. The devices enable direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung inhalation methods. Vape pens easily handle about 12mg of nicotine. 


·       They are very portable

·       You get a bold taste of the e-juice flavors

·       They are cheap and efficient for use, especially for beginners


·       Frequent battery issues

·       E-juice chamber prone to leakage


Mechanical Mods

There are three major parts to the mechanical mods; the case, atomizer and battery. The design is tube-like. Also, being devoid of safety measures, be careful to avoid spill of the e-juice. 


·       They help you learn to build an atomizer.

·       You can customize vaping experience better, as you can build some parts on your own

·       The devices have high wattage capacity


·       They aren’t for beginners


Pod Mod

These devices are more like updates to the cig-a-like devices. They are low wattage and use nicotine salt e-juice. 


·       They provide a higher percentage of nicotine for those interested

·       They are easy to use, with a small form factor

·       They provide a close experience to what you get with cigarettes


·       They have a short battery life

·       You won’t produce any clouds with this vape device, thanks to its high nicotine content. 



In this beginner’s guide to vaping devices, we’ve explored the basics you should know about. But for a beginner, you may need to try them out physically to get the perfect understanding of them and subsequently choose the best one for you. Want to buy vape device? Pls visit

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