9 Reasons Why Tribal Jewellery Is the Thing Of 2020

by krishna kant sharma SEO

Women have always been fascinated by jewellery. Their unique design can lure anyone. Over a period of time, we have seen a significant transformation in the design and pattern. Well, ditching the conventional gold and diamond pieces, which are intricately designed, we have eclectic and modish tribal jewellery paving their way into our wardrobe and becoming a fashion staple for every woman. You can’t take your eyes off these pieces of jewellery. Their unique design and appeal matches every outfit and becomes an instant charmer. So, what makes them so appealing and unique.


Indian tribal jewellery is inspired by the nomadic people who wore these pieces. The usual concept and design of this jewellery are that they are raw and make a bold statement. Here are some of the popular tribal jewellery types :


1. Banjara jewellery- It is made in Rajasthan and is colorful 

2. Baster- This is popular in Madhya Pradesh and is made from copper, wood, peacock feathers, etc. 

3. Bhutia- This jewellery comes from Sikkim

So, what makes them so popular :

1. They have a unique design- One of the reasons why these pieces of jewellery are so popular is because of the unique design which you will not find in conventional jewellery. The inspiration comes from nature, and that makes them so popular.

2. Versatile-  You don’t really have to juggle when it comes to choosing tribal jewellery. If you are in a rush and want to wear something quickly, then tribal jewellery will be the best choice. They will easily complement your ethnic and even some western outfits.

3. Perfect piece for any dress- Not everybody likes to wear heavy pieces of jewellery. Nowadays, we are working on the concept of a minimalistic approach and maximum appeal. With tribal jewellery, you can create a unique style.

4. One jewellery does it all- If you are not fond of wearing too much jewellery, then you must wear tribal jewellery. These pieces of jewellery are available in different sizes. You can choose  statement earrings, and that would be all. You don’t really have to put on necklaces and other pieces of jewellery. The earrings would do the job.

5. Worry-free wear- Well, these pieces of jewellery are strong and sturdy. Designed with metals like brass, silver, etc. these tend to last longer, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or losing. These are simple and easy to wear.

6. Doesn’t come with a heavy price tag- If you compare tribal pieces of jewellery with the other conventional jewellery made from gold and diamonds, then these are cheaper, so you don’t really have to worry about the price tag when it comes to buying tribal jewellery. Moreover, buying tribal jewellery online will help you get great deals and save money.

7. They represent status- Yes, we did mention that tribal jewellery doesn’t come with a heavy price tag, but there are certain stones and metals like silver, which can sometimes cost higher. Moreover, in earlier times, there was a special metal that used to signify class, for example, as per archaeological record, stones like Lapis Lazuli could only be worn by royalty.

8. Depict personality- One of the reasons why tribal jewelry has become so popular is because they are a mark of a person’s personality. You would have often seen large, chunky necklaces that women wear. So, you have the option of choosing between simplistic pieces to a bolder one.

9. Easy to maintain- You don really have to worry about storing and maintaining these pieces of jewellery. Make sure that you keep them away from water and store it in the box after use.


With these sets of benefits, tribal pieces of jewellery have become an all-time favorite of many women. So, what are you waiting for, grab one of these and let your wardrobe be blessed with the ethereal appeal of tribal jewellery?

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