9 Dating Tips For Introvert Men To Stop Over Thinking!

by Catherine Calvillo Millionaire Match Dating Sites

How to overcome talking to women or even approaching women? As an introverted man of some everyday things, you ask yourself how many things come to their heads and thoughts that come to their minds regarding why and what stops them from getting and going after what they want, so some of these things. I wrote down and wanted to make some impressions, some lasting significance, and some understanding of this and how to move forward to rich singles.


Now there's nothing wrong before we go through this by saying, oh, I'm an introverted man like there's only not anything less you're not anything less or anything more than anybody else out there. Still, it's just as far as the social aspect can get you a little bit uneasy. So I'm going to give you nine everyday things that I see introverted men battling every single time they're in front of a woman out in a social environment or want to approach a woman.


Number one is, what if she thinks I'm creepy for just wanting to talk to her? Well, this is what I always say to these men is when this happens, you have to understand there's a specific part of you that is attractive just because you're an introverted man does not make you less appealing to someone else because you have to know who you are as well as come from a place of integrity.


So when you come from a place of integrity, you can understand that she might be the girl you want to talk to you might be attractive. Still, you have to get to know her to find out how handsome she is to you. Hence, often, this comes up because you put so much emphasis on possibly this woman being the ideal woman perfect because of the exterior. You hike yourself up to not follow through, and then you think, what if she thinks I'm creepy, which leads me into the next thing that commonly is said what if you touch her at the wrong time or possibly in the wrong place a Bolonia.


Well, this is why you have to understand how to escalate with women because naturally, you escalate with women like this first, you escalate by a friendly touch maybe that is both her hand on her arm or her lower back when you open the door taking her hair and putting a back behind her back or out of her face these are all friendly touches and to see if she responds or she probably won't stop you.


So this is what's going to build attraction. Then from there, you have the flirtatious touch. You know the flirtatious touch of caressing her face, possibly holding her hand. You know, even sometimes the hair is a flirtatious touch putting your arm on her thigh whatever sitting down being more connected physically with each other.


Three of your buddies are all introverted. I'm sure it excuse me you're the only introverted one, and they're talking to girls. You're in a conversation with them, pick up on their conversations by talking to them, then let the girl chime in and ask you a question, and that's how you open up the space to speak to her. Get it now. Next, is what if she thinks I'm boring? Okay, guys, I didn't video about being boring and encouraged you.


Probably as well, but one of the biggest things is you're not going to be boring as long as you have something to say. I talk about these things to say and what you can do is you can ask simple questions as far as like you know you can sound like what is she do what she was coming for you know like why is she or does she come here often. If this is her first time here, what are her favorite drinks on them in the bar or her? What does she do on the weekends, you know, her favorite hobby? Does she have any hobbies? Do you know how she knows your friend? You know if you're in a group of friends.


So how do you know Paul? Oh, I know Paul because they look a lot, and you start engaging, and you pick up on what she's giving you. I know Paul because we met at a Pilates class one day or we met at a retreat one day, and okay, well, what retreat did you go to? That sounds enticing you know this is what I mean oh I went to this a tree, and it was of balling it was amazing I've never been to Bali before, and it was a retreat about you know how to build a business whatever you want to say right, and then that gives opens up a door oh how to build a business so intriguing what type of business are you opening or what kind of business do you have millionaire dating women.



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