8 Tips To Make Speech Therapy Exercises At Home Work For You

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When the Speech and language skills have been tested, the Speech Therapist or the Pathologist prescribes sound and language therapy. What is important, is to understand that every student is different. The parents of the child undergoing Speech therapy exercises should read the tips below to make Speech Therapy exercises at home work for them. Every session generally lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. But, to make the Speech therapy exercises work effectively, considerable time must be spent at home practicing.

Practicing at home helps in faster improvement in the development of Speech. A few tips which can be followed at home to make the Speech therapy exercises work better are mentioned below:

Schedule A Daily Time To Practice Speech Therapy Exercises

We do not need to spend a lot of time, but about half an hour to an hour a day. Practice the Speech Therapy exercises which have been taught at the Speech therapy class. Or repeat what the Speech Therapist has done for the day if you are being taught at home. Define a time slot and make it a habit to practice every day at the same time. Once the routine has started and practiced for a few days, one becomes consistent. Consistency is everything when it comes to getting the best results with the Speech therapy exercises.

Keep The Distractions to A Minimum

Try to keep all the distractions away while practicing the Speech therapy exercises. Make sure there is no background noise during the allotted time for practice. TV and Radio should not be playing in the background. One can have soothing music playing while practicing as it can sometimes help to calm one down.

Plan Or Define A Schedule

It is also very important to make a schedule of the Speech Therapy exercises one needs to do at home. The Speech Therapist in consultation with yourself will assign a set of exercises which need to be practiced. It is not advisable to practice on your own and it is very important to decide on the sequencing of exercises. It is a good practice to start with a little tough exercise. Then follow up with a little easier one and again finish up with the difficult ones. One must follow them diligently.

Use Tools To Practice

There are many Speech therapy applications available on the internet. These applications are very good tools for practicing Speech therapy exercises. These tools have proved to be very helpful in getting the desired results very quickly. Your Speech Therapist can help you in identifying the right tools or Apps.

Practice At A Comfortable Place

It is important to be comfortable while one is practicing Speech exercises. Pick a place with maximum comfort, well ventilated and comfortable seating. This can help the Child to focus better.

Try To Apply The Learnings Outside Of Practice As Well

Assigning a time to practice during the day is a good practice. But what helps more is practicing the exercises while doing everyday work. It will help achieve the results faster and boost confidence. This process is called carryover by the Speech Therapist.

Try to practice more with friends and family who will encourage you to correct and explain the words which one cannot speak.

Reward The Small Wins

Try to set goals or milestones while practicing the Speech Therapy exercises. When the goals are achieved it motivates the child to practice more and achieve better results. Reward the child with a compliment or a small gift after every goal or milestone is achieved.

Have Patience With The Results

It is very easy to lose patience when one doesn’t get immediate results. It is therefore very important to accept the speed or rate of progress of the child to learn.  Knowing the speed of progress can help the Speech Therapist to customize and implement the exercises. One needs to be patient with the practice and even if the results are not achieved immediately, do not leave the practice. Instead, practice with a new zeal to achieve what has been taught.

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