8 Killer Strategy to Increase App Downloads for Less

by Ronnie Arora Vice President Marketing

Once you have developed your app, the next major step you need to take is to attract the users to it. User acquisition can be a massive challenge for app developers as well as marketers, especially considering the number of apps available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Regardless, effective strategies can boost your app rankings and encourage users to download your app. Following are some killer strategies that can help you to enhance your marketing techniques and increase your app downloads for less:

1.       Make the App Store Optimization A Priority:

App Store Optimisation, or ASO, is a meaningful way to influence the number of downloads of your app. It includes a lot more then your app rankings in the app store, app description, keywords, ratings or user reviews.

Additionally, to optimize your app store rankings, you can also Hire Mobile App Developer, who will make sure that your needs and goals are met. ASO also helps to track keyword rankings, app store impressions as well as the number of downloads.

2.       Use Smart Keywords

When using keywords for your app, make sure they are smart and relevant to the genre your app belongs to. You will need to include the word related to your app as many times as possible in any relevant description about it found on search engines.

You should also include terms that are relevant to what your app does. Perform keyword researches to find out words that attract the most traffic. You need to remember not to choose just any keyword that has a high search volume, especially if it does not align with your app category.

3.       Ask for User Reviews:

Once your app has a following, you will need to convince your users that the app is not only helpful but also reliable. For this, you will need user reviews. It is a common fact that users tend to trust word-of-mouth recommendations, like reviews, more than other advertising or marketing types.

To boost app downloads, you can encourage user reviews using feedback forms, in-app messages, and so on. This is because reviews not just speak of the app’s quality, but also its relevance to potential consumers.

Therefore, with the help of positive reviews, you can increase your app downloads exponentially.

4.       Ensure A Crash-Free App:

Any the app, which does not have problems of bugs or crashes, tend to align well with the interests of the users. Moreover, if there is any fault with the app, developers should make sure to fix the problem immediately so that the app does not crash again.

However, it is advisable to make sure that the app undergoes different testing methods to find out all potential bugs and resolve them before the app goes public. A bug-free app generally has more downloads than one that crashes a lot.



5.       Quality Content:

Using content that is relevant and compelling can help to promote your app in a way that it reaches targeted users. It could be in the form of articles, promotions or sponsored content, or even simple infographics. Based on the consumption habits of your audiences, you should create content that speaks to them and impresses them in the best way possible.

For this, you can Hire Digital Marketing Experts, who will help to track the number of organic referrals, social shares, and even the app rankings on SERPs.  

6.       Social Media Engagement:

Social media is a powerful platform, and maintaining a strong online presence is an effective way to grow your reach and target potential consumers. However, due to the dynamic nature of consumer behavior, it is important to study your user demographics and then target users on the social media platform that they tend to use the most.

You should make sure to interact with your users on these platforms. Engage with the consumers by replying to their comments or queries, which will help to increase the praise of your app and its commitment to user engagement, and thereby increase downloads.

7.               Influencer and Community Outreach:

These days, influencers have the power to affect consumer choice. Their reviews can also add to your app’s exposure. To increase your app downloads, you should choose the right influencers who can help to establish a profitable partnership and boost your app’s reach.

To do this, you can also track the influencers based on the number of their social mentions, or their search engine ranking.

8.               Analyze and Optimize:

Lastly, it is always important to analyze how your users are interacting with your app to make sure that they remain engaged. You can also Hire Virtual Employee to make sure that your app is optimized according to your business goals. They will ensure that the retention rate of your app is high, along with the amount of time that a user spends on your app.  


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