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How do you recognize a happy employee? It's simple: he is motivated by the project of his company and is committed to it. Here are some tips for creating a motivational dynamic among his teams.

In order to mobilize each member of a team and ensure their fulfillment, two key concepts must be remembered: motivation and stimulation. Motivation is an internal energy that drives action, associated with pleasure. As for the stimulation, it consists in inducing someone to perform an action from the outside. This practice must be constantly renewed: as soon as the batteries are flat, it is necessary to recharge them! And it is precisely the role of the leader to inspire his employees to revive in them the desire to commit to their business. It's a difficult task to stimulate commitment and gather the energies of your team!

1. Create a link in the team to foster a sense of belonging
It is very important to build a team culture that itself must fit into the corporate culture. For the manager, the goal is to create a friendly relationship with his teams. To do this, it must put in place a communication strategy that allows everyone to express themselves and take initiatives.
Motivation Meme
2. Put in place good working conditions
The manager must provide the members of the team with resources and efficient means to lead a project to success. 
3. Valuing skills
To remain involved and motivated, it is necessary for each member to use his talents but also to acquire and develop new skills. It is up to the manager to make sure and allow him to follow training.

4. Set up a constructive feedback system
The feedback will make it possible to see if the objectives are achieved. If there is a discrepancy with the forecasts, this system will make it positve and carry out an action plan to remedy it.

5. Set concrete and common objectives
In order to create cohesion, setting concrete and common goals generates the involvement of all.

6. Promote initiative
For new ideas to appear, it is necessary to lead the teams to be force of proposals and this is the talent of the manager.

7. Have a team project
This will be the source of creativity and cohesion.

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7-keys-to-motivate-and-involved-the-teams by Brahim A.:
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NEMMA S. Advanced  Secondary teacher
excellent article! à partager et liker!! merci!!
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les newbees en ont besoin! à partager ! merci Monsieur Aghzaf!
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Great article. Hope to read more like it!
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yes you can ! I am here for any requirement and collaboration with you! your success is mine!
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Believe in your dreams and they may come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true. Martin Luther King
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We stay motivated when working from home. Thanks for sharing, Brahim A. Have a good Sunday networking! :)
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