7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Jewelry

by Andrews J. Jewelers

Inappropriate workmanship or the bad quality of the metal isn’t always the reason for tarnishing or breaking up of engagement rings, sometimes it’s the fault of your own personal habits or using procedures.

In concern to the ruining of an engagement ring in a short period, we talked with our jewelry repair experts in Buffalo. As per the expert, there are certain day- to-day habits due to which you unknowingly and unintentionally harm your engagement ring.


Never leaving your engagement ring out of your finger is one of the major causes of its ruination. Chores like gardening, doing dishes, cooking can result in fast dirtying, and even damaging of your ring. Here given are some of the occasions in which you should necessarily remove your engagement ring:-

o   Under The Shower: To prevent the scum of soap and shampoo from accumulating on gem fitting and small openings in the ring.

o   Cleaning Utensils: Small food particles can get accumulated in the crannies of the ring while cleaning utensils. Thus, you must not wear your ring while doing this chore.

o   While Cooking: Oil content and food particles can easily get trapped while cooking in the ring.

o   While Gardening: It is easy for the rings to bend while holding the gardening tools tightly.

o   While Gyming: It is likely to sweat while exercising. Since sweat contains salt in a major proportion, therefore it is likely for the ring to get tarnished while exercising.



If you notice scratches, discoloration or lose settings, then you must instantaneously take your ring to a jewelers shop to get the issue corrected. Wearing it even after noticing the issues, is only going to increase the damages and thereafter, the repairing costs.


Throwing out the ring on the table, or keeping it in a dirty wardrobe decreases the newness and brightness of the rings. Our jewelry repair expert in Buffalo suggests storing engagement rings in padded and lined jewelry boxes.


Cleaning jewelry not only enhances its brightness but also increases its lifespan. You might try cleaning your engagement ring by yourself using lukewarm water and brush, however, it won’t bring that radiance which comes by professional cleaning of the engagement rings. To make the ring like a new one, consider taking it to a professional for cleaning purposes.


Insurance is necessary to protect the ring when misplaced, stolen or damaged.  Since the engagement ring is an expensive asset, therefore it is important to get it insured.

Once you’ve got your ring insured, keep all the papers in a protected and dry place. Also, ensure that all the policy details you’ve discussed with your insurance agent are encompassed in the official file.

Moreover, since the value of jewelry and engagement rings varies frequently, therefore, consider having an appraisal done of your engagement rings every next year. This will help you to get the latest value of your precious engagement ring.



You may like remembering your partner by touching your engagement ring again and again. However, Engagement Rings get dirty soon while coming in contact with dirt, grease, and dust by the means of our fingers. Thus in order to prevent your ring from getting dirty, you should touch it only while taking it out or putting it in back in your finger. If your stone starts looking hazy or cloudy, it could likely use a good cleaning!


As per our expert on jewelry repair in Buffalo, the real magnificence of pearls and other precious stones can be observed when it comes in contact with the human body. Natural oils in our skin help keep pearls looking glossy, so wear them habitually to keep them looking attractive!

 When you aren’t wearing your engagement rings, make sure you store them in a dry jewelry box at some safe place. Do not forget to wipe the dust with a soft cloth to remove any lasting makeup or perfume residue before storing them in the wardrobe.


As the engagement rings are the memento of your partner’s love, thus you will never want it to be tarnished, rusted or damaged. However, you perform some of the deeds like above that result in the ruining of your engagement ring.

To give the best care and protection to your engagement rings, you must strictly avoid performing the actions given above. By avoiding them you would be able to wear the love token given by your partner for a longer duration.         

If you have got your or your partner’s engagement rings tarnished, damaged or rusted, then choose to go to a highly skilled and faithful Buffalo Jewelers “Andrews Jewelers” (Expert Mender of Engagement Rings). Get great repairing services for Your Engagement Ring at economical prices.

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