7 reasons why public speaking is essential for career growth

by Jaques Montegolifier Chartered Accountant
Tom was a hardworking individual. He never believed in bunking office. Since he was an introvert, he was glued to his computer always. He hardly interacted with his co-workers or participated in extracurricular activities. He met his targets but never attended office parties or addressed his juniors. Very few people knew about Tom. Even the bosses did not attempt speaking to him.

On the other hand, Jack was not as hardworking as Tom but always stayed in the limelight. He participated in seminars, conferences, and attended events. Jack was excellent in his communication skills and made a maximum profit of the same. He became famous in no time, and everyone knew him by his name. Although he did miss out on his targets often, he always found his way in the superior’s good books.
Who do you think was successful amongst the two? Of course, Jack. In a short time, Jack earned recognition and became a leader. Nobody addressed Tom as none knew he was a diligent worker. Public speaking can take you to a different level. The moment you enter the podium and speak, people hear you, see you, and acknowledge your talent.

The moment you go out of your routine, superiors take notice, and you climb the success ladder quickly. Public speaking helps you gain confidence and a must for every professional. It assists you in getting rid of fear, nervousness, and you believe in yourself.

Other reasons to consider public speaking is –

1)    Competition: Many are nervous about speaking in a podium in the corporate world. If you are good it, chances are others are not. Though may consider yourself an average speaker, you will be better than others in your organization.

2)    Visibility: A person who is willing to speak and make themselves available will earn recognition immediately. When people notice you standing in front of 20-40 people, they turn to you as a leader and spokesperson. The more you stand in front of a group, the more heights you can achieve in your career. Superiors will consider you whenever new opportunities arise, thereby making you the go-to person.

3)    Leadership qualities: Standing up and speaking is an excellent quality. Public speaking can change the way people think. If you master that skill, you have already honed one aspect of leadership. If you can do so in public, chances are you can success individually as well.

4)    Clarity of message: Public speaking involves figuring out clearly what you wish to say. Rather than throwing jabbering the unknown, you filter the message according to the audience. An inspiring speaker can move the audience with one idea or narrative thread. If you have the knack of communicating simply and clearly, you can communicate effectively to large group of people.

5)    Connection: People buy people. Trained speakers know how to get passionate and vulnerable at the right moments. The listeners connect with you as a human being in such scenarios. Public speeches serve you rightly by promoting alliances. It can make you people’s champion in the organization.

The best motivational speakers in the world swear by these rules. Make sure to be Jack in real life as well.

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