7 Reasons to Use Engineered Wood Flooring

by Shailendra Kadulkar Web Development & SEO
Flooring is one important factor that is involved while making a house. The flooring is one factor to which the interior décor, colours and patterns would definitely depend upon. While selecting the flooring of your type, one needs to analyse the best flooring for your house. To understand your preference better, you can either consult any professional interior designers in Mumbai.

Engineered wood products also called as EWP have been in the market for a long time. Being constructed of different manufacturing processes and resins. Such products have more fibre, highly durable and are alternatively cost less. Flooring is one of the non-structural uses of engineered wood products.

Any wood floor is a great investment when it comes to flooring. Any wood flooring adds warmth and a luxurious feel. Wooden flooring is one classic option that is mostly chosen for residential and commercial interior designing. There are different types of floorings available in the Indian market and wooden flooring is one of them which turns out to be a less costly option as well. Wood flooring is available in pre-furnished and unfurnished options in the engineered form. The thickness of engineered wooden flooring ranges from 12.5mm – 22mm.

Some of the reasons to use engineered flooring are:

    1. Durability
    2. Looks
    3. Installation
    4. Locking system
    5. No gaping
    6. Usage
    7. Easy repair and cleaning

    1. Durability
One of the pros of wooden flooring is durability. Wooden flooring can almost be used everywhere except for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens or any other utility areas. Wooden flooring has to withstand damage, pressure, wear and tear to a good level making it one of the best choices for flooring.

    2. Looks
Wooden flooring with durability provides a very chic and royal look. The flooring has an inner core and top surface. The top surface is polished so that the surface shines for a more attractive look. It actually provides a solid wood look even though it is engineered wood.
    3. Installation
Engineered wood is very easy to install.  You can either lay the flooring by yourself or hire professionals. Wooden flooring is made of sheets of wood which makes engineered floor lie flat on a concrete floor as well as compare to other floorings. The flooring is available in wide boards. Two or three strips or wide boards which would mean a larger area of your room is covered involving fewer joins.

The flooring can conventionally be screwed or nailed, floated over an underlay or glued down. Also, this flooring can also be paired with other floorings to have a combination being used. The easy repair is one advantage discussed in the point further. Before installation, the area needs to be clean, dry and well prepared.

If you are installing the flooring as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project then you need to use the Click-Fit system. This system is very straight forward and easy to install with very few equipments required. The floorboards line up and click themselves in place, interlocking with each other. This provides a tight fit and fewer gaps making the flooring last long. The click system allows damaged boards to be replaced easily.

There is another method used for installation – Tongue and Groove (T&G). It is a conventional method for the installation process. A machine has been used with a tongue (protruding side) and groove (rebating side) edge. This machine produces a gapless flooring and looks smooth. This process is usually used by professionals while laying out the floor and they ensure that wastage is the bare minimum.

    4. Locking system
The wooden flooring allows for a patterned locking system making it easy to lay individual planks along the specified area. Compared to solid wood, the installation quote provided by any professional contractor would be highly competitive. Engineered flooring also gets installed faster compared to other types of floorings.

    5. No gaping
This type of flooring has the inner core made of several planks. This allows the wood it to expand and contract as per the weather making it more durable. Also, due to this process, it does not form any gaps between individual planks. The issues like shifting, warping and swelling are highly minimized.

    6. Usage
Highly durable, tensile strength and decreased rotting the engineered wood has a higher shelf life as compared to the other floorings that are available in the market. Leaving out only the utility areas, the engineered wood can be used in basements or any other wet or high moisture places due to its high resistance to heat or for heating underfloor. This flooring is also environment-friendly as it does not produce any harmful gas.

    7. Easy repair
Engineered wood is one of the best choices as it can be repaired easily. If there are any dents or scratches, the repairs can be done by sanding. A flooring of 6mm can be purchased easily re-sanded and repaired as and when required.

Even the cleaning process for engineered wooden flooring is even easier. The cleaning would only require sweeping so that the dirt does not get stuck in the gaps. Also, another way to retain shine is to polish the flooring from time to time.

Engineered wood is highly used in hot weather countries like India. Due to high sustainability and durability, this wood is one of the best used in flooring. The temperatures and weather in India are ever changing and moisture retention is also high and since the engineered wood expands and contracts it is one of the best options to consider. Different types of wooden flooring come with different grains and colours. 

Oak, walnut, bamboo, ash and beech are one of the most popular types of wood used in engineered flooring. Each of the types mentioned above possesses different qualities than the others. Before selecting any flooring for ay residential or commercial project, it is advised to research well and consult professional and famous interior designers in your specific localities in Mumbai.

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