7 Natural Bridal Makeup Products to Use on Your Big Day

by Harry Patel Sales Manager

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Her wedding day is special for every bride. Apart from the sentimentality of the occasion, it’s an event which will be photographed for posterity. So, looking good becomes rather imperative. In fact, there is an entire industry that runs on the importance of brides looking beautiful best on their wedding day — from contract cosmetic manufacturers to beauty parlors.

An important part of this is the cosmetics industry. There is no brand some brands that actually have a specific bridal line! Needless to say, these are products meant to enhance the beauty of the bride. These are usually vibrant and glamorous. After all, your wedding is not the day when you want to be relegated to the background!

Going Natural on Your Wedding Day

Most brides tend to leave the make-up to the expert. After all, it’s a lengthy process and you’ll rather leave the worry behind. As long as you trust the make-up expert, it’s a good choice. But even then, you should ensure that only natural products are used. Not every make-up technician will stock up on such products. After all, other brands may be better known and more easily available.

So, it’s a good idea to buy your own make-up before the day. This way you will also be sure that the brushes, wands, and sponges are not being reused. But why bother with insisting on natural products from contract cosmetic manufacturers at all? There are good reasons why you should insist on natural products:

  • Chemical products, especially less reputable brands, can react badly with your skin. There are dangers of an allergy outbreak which will leave you red and blotchy on the very day you want to avoid it! A reaction could also set in later. It’s better to test out the products a few days before the big day and this is possible only if you are using your own stuff. 
  • Natural products are made with ingredients that are found freely in nature, such as coconut oil or lavender oil. Full of nature’s goodness, these products not only make you look good, but they can also actually be beneficial for your skin in the long run. For instance, a moisturizer based on coconut oil will not just leave your skin moisturized on the day; it will leave your skin glowing in the long run.
  • At the end of the day, with all the make-up piled on your face, you will not have that laden-down and clogged feeling. Instead, these natural products will let your skin breathe. In fact, packed with many beneficial elements, your make-up will actually leave your skin glowing!

7 Natural Makeup Products You Need on Your Wedding Day

      1. Face oil

It is not strictly a make-up product, but no less essential in your make-up kitty. Use natural face oil like virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil after your bath. Wipe off your face with a damp cloth after five minutes to ensure that it is not greasy. It will keep the skin hydrated underneath the heavy layers of make-up. The light oil also lets your skin breathe. Most importantly, it forms a layer that separates the skin from other products which will be slathered later on.

2. Foundation

Can there be a make-up process without the foundation? As the name suggests, the foundation forms the basis of the make-up. It also covers the minor blemishes. Most brides prefer a liquid foundation because it can be easily blended into the skin.  Natural foundations by contract cosmetic manufacturers are made with natural oils like avocado oil, and argan oil. Other ingredients like jojoba rose and pomegranate seeds may also be used. When buying the foundation pay close attention to the color. It should be as close to your own complexion as possible.

3. Primer

Primers are applied before putting on the foundation. A primer makes the skin smooth, filling on little imperfections like lines and pores. It also allows the foundation to stay on for a longer time. You can get primers that use natural oils. Not only can they work perfectly as the base for your make-up, but these primers also hydrate and benefit the skin. Some of these are full of anti-oxidants that do wonders for any skin type.

4. Concealer 

They say that the camera magnifies every imperfection. The last thing you want is that zit to take center stage! If you are worrying about spots and blemishes, fear not! The concealer is the best friend for every girl who wanted to hide her flaws on a special day. Natural concealers are made from ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil. These are also less heavy. The texture is just right — not too matte or glossy. If you suffer from an under-eye circle, look for a concealer that can do the trick.

5. Lipstick

On your big day, you need a vibrant lipstick one that says glamour and confidence! Obviously, it should also go with your lehenga/saree/dress. Glossy reds have always been popular. But you can also try frosty pinks or dark plum. Common ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax and even Vitamin E. Best of all; natural lipsticks don’t have the unpleasant chemical taste.

6. Mascara

Natural mascaras often carry essential oils like lavender oil. The color comes from elements like activated charcoal, clay or cocoa. These mascaras will not leave your eyes red and watering. All the same, it’s a good idea to try it out before! 

7. Eye-palette

Nothing says a bride like a dramatic eye-palette! Even when trying the natural dewy look, the eye-palette is critical to balance out the rest of your heavy outfit. It should be chosen according to the outfit. Natural eye-palettes use fruit and vegetable pigments for the colors and are hence, less likely to irritate the skin.

Just make sure that you order all these from contract cosmetic manufacturers well in advance. Also, ensure an allergy test. Just use each product on a patch of skin and observe the area for any ill-effect later on. Even natural elements can act as allergens. You don’t want an itch or a rash on your face on the most important day of your life!

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