7 Most Useful and Easy Way to Control Your Hair Loss

by DHI India Hair Transplant Doctors/Clinics in Chennai

Hair-loss this word is so often used in our day to day life and is one of the most common problems people are suffering from. It is a natural phenomenon so there is nothing as such to worry if someone losses few follicles. There could be many reasons for hair-fall in women and men. One need to take utmost care of their hairs if they want hair-fall to reduce. Few of the reasons for hair-loss might be bad diet, mineral deficiency, stress, pollution, genetics, wearing a hat or helmet etc. Here’s our list of 7 solutions to help reduce or deal with hair-fall problems.

1) Wash your hair with mild shampoo on a regular basis:

Normal hair washing is a piece of averting balding by the method for keeping follicle and scalp clean. Doing as such, you are bringing down the danger of contaminations and dandruff that may prompt follicle breakage or misfortune. Also, clean follicle gives the impression of more volume.

2) Massage of the scalp with oil

The individuals who have been encountering male pattern baldness for a long while must back rub the scalp with basic oil for a couple of minutes. It helps your follicles stay dynamic. You can include lavender in sesame or almond oil.

3) Don’t brush your wet hair

At the point when your hair is wet, it is in its weakest state. So abstain from brushing wet follicle in light of the fact that the odds of male pattern baldness increase. Be that as it may, in the event that you should brush wet follicle, utilize an exceptionally wide-toothed brush. Likewise, abstain from brushing follicle too often as doing as such can harm follicles and increase fall. Utilize your fingers to fix tangles, not a comb.

4) Stay away from stress

Studies in the past have discovered restorative proof to link stress with male pattern baldness. De-stress yourself; one of the methods for doing it is by rehearsing contemplation. Therapies like yoga and meditation help in recovery from stress and at the same point of time restore hormonal balance within the body.

5) Sweat free : People with oily hairs have dandruff during summer due to sweating and hence the chance of hair-fall increases. Using shampoo that has neem, aloe vera can help to reduce dandruff and reduce hair-fall. Also men/women who wear helmet in summer face hair-loss problem as sweat accumulates in hair pores and weakens the root.

6) Do not use chemicals: Color and chemicals can be disastrous for your hair health, it is advised not to use hairs color and chemical if they are suffering from hair-fall problems

7) Schedule an Appointment with doctor: There are many other health-related issues which can cause hair-loss, which can not be found out by a normal person so it is advised to schedule an appointment with doctor and discuss problems with them.


There are many other ways which can be useful in case of hair-fall and loss. But one thing is for sure one has to take a healthy and balanced diet to be in shape and reduce hair-fall. Few tips might work for one and not for others, in that case, do not loose hope doctors are always there to consult you.

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