7 Low-Cost Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bills

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The rising cost of energy is never short of astonishing. High energy bills are especially inconvenient when you’re working with a tight budget. When you have a fixed budget for electricity, it’s not easy to create extra financial wiggle room for an exorbitant energy bill.

While there isn’t much you can do to regulate market forces, you can control your own consumption and choices. Though making your home energy efficient promises long-term savings but can prove to be a high upfront cost. Lucky for you, we’re sharing some low-cost ways you can reduce your energy bills.

1.   Utilise Natural Light

There is an abundance of sunlight and the best part is that it’s absolutely free. Understandably, installing solar panels can be an expensive cost when you have a tight budget.

But don’t let that discourage you. Natural light can still be utilised and many other ways. Firstly, instead of working late at night, try to work during the day and let the sunlight illuminate your workspace. Apart from this, sunlight is an excellent source to naturally warm up your house during winters.

2.   Switch to a Better Plan

Even though you don’t have any control over the energy market, you have the luxury to pick an energy plan that suits you the best. If you feel like your current energy provider is overcharging you, then compare electricity plans and switch to a better one.

AGL electricity plans are popular for residential use, especially AGL Essentials and AGL Savers, which are discounted plans.

3.   Wear Extra Layers

Rather than wearing a single layer of clothing in the middle of winter and overloading the heating unit to keep you warm, start wearing a few extra layers. By keeping yourself warm, you can dial back the heating and reduce energy consumption.

4.   Repair Ductwork

Any leaks or gaps on your ductwork leads to energy loss and makes your HVAC unit work harder than it needs to. If you spot any gaps, seal them with metallic foil tape.

5.   Clean Air Filters

Make sure you clean your air filters and vents every couple of months. The build-up dust makes heating or cooling less than optimal. It’s an easy task that you can do by yourself with the help for YouTube tutorials.

6.   Take Shorter Showers

Your long, hot, relaxing showers are consuming a lot of energy. Try to cut back by taking shorter showers.

7.   Operate at Full Load

Whether you’re loading the dishwasher or doing the laundry, make sure you are operating these appliances to their full capacity. If you just have a couple of dishes, wash them by hand.


The Bottom Line

Even if you’re working with a limited budget, you can still enhance the energy efficiency of your home and lower overall consumption. 

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