7 Helpful Tips for First-Timers Travelling to Australia

by Daniel C. Travel consultant

Looking at the sheer size of Australia, it is one corner-surprise which is highly popular with backpackers, campers, hikers and hardcore food lovers. But no matter what your travel style is, there are known and unknown surprises drawing millions with cheap flights to Australia. This massive mass of land is packed with incredible beauty.


From the rugged Outbacks, rainforests, beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Uluru, it's not surprising why people never wish to leave.


Use my pervasive travel guide to plan your Australian getaway. You'll be head over heels in love with Australia.


Face Diverse Landscape


Being the 6th largest country on the planet, it spreads over multiple climatic zones, thus, reversing the seasons from what the Northern Hemisphere experiences. Temperatures at one end vary from the other.


The reddish part of Australia sees temperature fluctuation up to 80°F in a single day. The Great Barrier Region experiences two separate seasons - dry and wet. Summers bring in a hot and humid atmosphere, whereas the winters are dry, especially towards the islands.


Brilliant Sun


Visitors coming in from temperate regions need to be cautioned regarding the sun. Due to several gaps in the ozone layer, the Ultra Violet rays can be hazardous. A sunscreen can be helpful but it's best to stay out of direct sunlight and drink sufficient fluids.


Wildlife Caution


Not usually a negative statement, but Australia is infamous for its wildlife. Apart from Africa, some poisonous creatures can be found here. I would rather avoid driving at night; avoid encountering kangaroos and other creatures.

During summers, jellyfish gather on the beaches making it the stinger season. If you're unable to stay without swimming, buy a suit at a local store and pay heed to warnings.


Stern Bio-security Governance


Surprising, strange, sad but true, items we love to carry as gifts such as chocolates, jams, animal product, fruits are under strict bio-security rules. Carrying such things and not exposing them can lead to a heavy fine. Australian crops and food production did face a threat in the past.


Either declare it to the customs or leave it at home. Apart from these, there are several other things to carry. You may consider gifting luxury soap, tea towels, golf balls or even books.



Get the Aussie Slang


Now, this is something that might surprise a visitor on their very first trip. The slangs that are used, and with the speed they speak can be baffling. A few key common phrases to keep in mind include:

Thongs (flip-flops)

Sunnies (sunglasses)

Cuppa (A hot beverage)

Good on ya (Great job)

Heaps (A lot),

Bottle-O (liquor store), and

Mozzie (mosquito)

In restaurants, what is catalogued as “Appetizers” in the US it's “Entrees” in Australia, and “Entrées” are listed as “Mains.


UK Citizens to Apply for an ETA to enter Australia


Before booking cheap flights to Australia from UK, the citizens of UK must apply for an Electronic Travel Authority that provides easy access to Australia. This ID will be directly linked to your passport. British citizens can also get the following electronic visitor visa: eVisitor or the Electronic Travel Authority.

The ETA grants permission to visit Australia unlimited times in a 12-month period for up to three months at a time. There is an AUD20 service fee.


What about Tipping?


Tipping is a disputable topic. Some practice it, and others advise not to tip. If you have been tipping, then we recommend a 10% percent tip to appreciate a good service. Once you finish dining, you pay at the front, not on your table as it is practised in several countries.



It's the peak season in Australia with millions of tourists from North America, Europe and other corners of the world flocking into the gigantic country. If you are one of those lucky travellers planning an escape to Australia, just update yourself with these travel tips you need to know.

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