7 Great Content Ideas For Your Next Inbound Marketing Campaign

by Vikalp Malhotra Digital Marketer

Today everyone talks about online businesses. Online companies, online products, online services, online courses are in the news everyday. But what makes it so effective and popular? How people know about new product, new services, new companies, new universities, new colleges and many more? Answer of these all questions is same and that is "Content". Yes, content is the way of communication through which all these businesses set contact with people. But what type of content people likes? People always like to see or read new and fresh content. Nobody likes old and stale content. If you want to stay ahead in the competition, you have to create new, creative, timely, informative and quality content to attract your customers and retain them in your customer base and that's the key role of inbound marketer. Yes, content creation is the core of Inbound marketing and it can be in the form of text or videos.


Social media is one of the effective mediums for online marketing where you can put information about your product or upload videos. But before uploading any content one should think about "what type of content people like to read or like to see?" Whether it should be in the form of blog or in the form of videos or in the form of info-graphic? It is important to design content in such a way that it should start a conversation with customers and keep them going. Good and quality content always engages the customers in many ways and even inspires them to participate. By engaging with the customers in meaningful ways helps to build long term relationship with customer. It is always good to hear what people say about your brand, company or what they expect from you. It will help you to create future content according to customer's requirements. Inbound marketing is focused to promote business brand by creating quality and targeted content to attract and retain customers. Don't forget content can be a great tool for continually introducing and reintroducing your business brand and logo.

As, we all know there are a number of social media networks available in the market to promote our brand or service such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. But inbound marketer always thinks about "How to bring or how to create new content each time for each marketing channel?" Definitely this is not easy. But here are some ideas which can be helpful to inbound marketing campaign.

1) Answer Customer Questions

The answer to customer's questions is one of the effective ways to create future content. You can find questions from customers and potential customers from meetings, conferences, emails, blogs and comments, surveys, social media, forums, questionnaires, etc. You need to sort out best questions which are directly related to your products and allows you to clearly demonstrate your expertise. Answering customer's questions is a good practice which helps to build trust about your brand among the customers. Creating content based on customer's questions has many benefits such as:

  • It gives you future content idea.
  • It helps you to easily target your niche and customer sub-sets.
  • It helps to ensure that whatever content you provide is relevant for customers.

2) Write a Case Study

You can upload your success stories in the form of case studies on the website. Case studies are the best way to tell the world how valuable your services or product are. People like to read the story rather they enjoy it. A complete case study will allow someone to know the customer in the case study including:

  • Who is the customer and in what business they are?
  • What was their goals and objective?
  • How did your product satisfy those needs and help the customer meet their goals?

Let people know about you and your customers’ long term relationships. Make sure that case study should be in simple, informative and grammatically correct language. Realistic figures, graphs, videos, photos enrich your case study so don't forget to add it.

3) Company History

Company history is the short but important content on your website. Imagine that the person reading your posts on website has never heard of you and doesn't know anything about your business. What will be their action? They will go in company history section to find out who are you?, When and who established you?, In what business you are?, etc. No need to create this section long and filled with all your past details. Create it in simple, short and attractive way as people like to read history behind your company.

4) Interview an expert

Many people like to read an expert's interview as they get inspired from them. Telling someone else's story is the most effective and easiest way to create content that spreads because you are not alone in promoting it. Whenever another person involved, they will be interested in sharing that article as well. Here your inbound marketing gets succeed. This will not only help to promote your brand indirectly, but it enriches your website as well.

5) Create a video

Uploading videos which tells about your product, success, new launch, services and many more is definitely the great content creating idea. According to research 90%, of information transmitted to the brain are visual and the brain processes visual information 60000 times faster than text. This clearly proves that visual content performs better on social media. It is also observed that posts that include videos attract 3 times more inbound links as compared to plain text. Every minute 700 videos are shared on Twitter. Number clearly indicates the significance of videos in content creation.

6) Report on an event

Writing a report on an event held is nice idea to create fresh content. The purpose of an event report is to assess the effectiveness of a exhibition, seminar or training session and find out the reasons for its success or failure. Writing exact figures and facts is the best way to create meaningful and attractive reports. It is the smart way to aware people about your activities and response you are getting for that.

7) Admit your mistakes

Yes, you can admit your failure or mistakes through posts or videos at different social media or on your own website. This the best way to represent yourself as a better leader in-front of people and build respect between them. Somebody says that

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.


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