6 Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean Longer

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Carpets make a significant difference in a home. However, your home won’t look clean at all when your carpet is dirty. With your carpets looking and smelling good, your home will look and smell good as well. This explains the importance of regular carpet cleaning. However, you don’t have to keep cleaning all the time. Here are 6 tips to keep your carpets clean longer.

Invest in carpet protect

It’s a great idea to place a rug in your home that is heavily trafficked. The rug reduces dust and dirt on your carpet. However, you have to ensure that your rug is always clean. Luckily, is so easy to clean a rug that to clean a carpet. Therefore, you’ll just have a regular schedule for cleaning your rug while your carpet remains clean. This will save you considerable time, effort, and money you would have spent on regular carpet cleaning.

Use a welcome mat

Another smart way to protect your carpet from becoming dirty is by putting a welcome mat at your front door. This welcome mat will lessen the dirt likely to get on to your carpet. Alternatively, you can bar anyone from entering with shoes inside your home. This is a smart way to protect your carpet from becoming dirty and saving you time, effort, and money required for regular cleaning.

Clean stains promptly

When you have kids or pets in your household, stains are bound to come sooner than later on your carpets. However, taking longer to remove the stains will make removing them harder. The best idea is to have the stains cleaned as soon as possible. However, it’s impossible to remove the stains by scrubbing. This makes the stains get deeper into your carpet. The best thing is to hire professional cleaning services in Houston TX to eliminate items such as chewing gum stuck in your carpet.

Regular vacuuming

Maintaining your carpet requires regular vacuuming. This eliminates dirt and lessens its chances of getting deeper into your carpet. Vacuuming can be done at least weekly. For carpets that receive heavy traffic, two or three times each week is appropriate. Ensure to go slowly during the process to get the most out of the vacuuming. Going too fast might not pick up all dirt especially for carpets in high traffic areas.

It’s important to understand that vacuum cleaners come in various designs and sizes. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right vacuum cleaner to meet your carpet cleaning requirements. A cordless vacuum cleaner is a good choice for reaching a variety of places such as stairs and corners. For large carpeted areas, an upright vacuum cleaner is a great option. Keeping the vacuum cleaner in good shape requires replacing the bag and filter regularly. It will keep your device working longer without losing suction.

Trim carpet snags

Do you have pets or kids in your household? Well. You’re likely to notice snags on your carpet sooner than later. However, attempting to pull the snag only worsens it. The trick is to cut the snag with a pair of scissors to eliminate them for good. Snags usually pick up dirt and dust before introducing it on your carpet. Therefore, trimming all snags is a solution to making your carpets remain clean much longer.

Use a single entrance

Finally, consider using a single door for getting in and out of your home. This is extremely useful on those dusty days or during bad weather. Since everyone uses the same door, it becomes easier to clean than having to keep other entrances sparkling as well. With just a single entrance, it becomes easier to notice when the carpet becomes dirty and appropriate cleaning is scheduled.

Final thought

Being diligent about keeping your carpets clean is essential for every homeowner. However, stains are bound to come when you least expect especially when you have kids and pets. Taking long to have your carpets cleaned encourages wear and tear. The trick is to find a reliable and professional cleaning company offering carpet cleaning service. These will handle all your carpet cleaning requirements to ensure that they remain in pristine condition. With good looking and fresh smelling carpets, your home will become more inviting and pleasant to dwell in.

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