6 Teaching Strategies Every Teacher Should Know To Keep The Class Interesting

by Surbhi Singh Marketing Manger
6 Teaching Strategies

A classroom nothing else but a type of interactional environment which usually involves the presence of a teacher and students. Students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities are brought together into a single classroom, guided by a teacher. Furthermore, a teacher is a person who is solely responsible for the mood and tone of the classroom.

Is that so trouble-free as it is sounding?

Not actually!

Keeping students engaged can be a more daunting task for any teacher as it seems. Every child has a different nature or has serious behavioural problems, hence it is not always easy to cope up with the group of students that you just can’t seem to keep interested. Even at times, no matter what you do, it seems like all of the students are bored out of their minds.

Therefore, being an effective teacher requires the implementation of creative and innovative teaching strategies in order to meet students’ individual needs. Well, for the concern there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, however, to turn your teaching influential, here are listed a few strategies that you can try to keep your class interested and engaged.

Try Keeping It Interactive

This can be the best way to keep your students engaged and motivated to learn more. Simply, if you want your students to be interested in what you are teaching them, you must make it interactive. You can do this by actively asking questions, not very typical ones, but from the topic you just covered.

It can be though typical to carry out this practice in bigger classes as compared to private home tuition, still, it can be achieved to some level if you put in desirable efforts.


A teacher's mindset regarding how to design and deliver content is critical to the innovative learning process. Also, it is already known that a teacher sets the tone of the class. Hence if you are excited about your subject matter, students will tend to follow. This clearly means that you should have a passion for the subject you are teaching.

Teaching with visualization

Bringing dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences can be a great help for your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real world. You can also use the interactive whiteboard to display photos, audio clips and videos.

Knowing your students

For a good teacher, knowing your subject isn’t enough, to create a healthy environment, you need to know the people you are teaching- what all they like in what you teach, their requirements and what they need to learn from you, what’s their pace of learning, and a lot more.

This strategy can be great for building a better student-teacher relationship.

Develop a safe and better learning environment

You can encourage students of mixed abilities to work together by promoting a small group or whole class activities. Providing your students with a secure environment is crucial for better learning and to let them acknowledge what they don’t know. Generally, a student feels more secure at their home where a home tutor teaches him at the comfort of his home.

In the same way, teaching them to take risks can be an easy-peasy way to prepare them to fight failures. This can be done by creating a safe and secure environment which will allow your students to take the risk to make mistakes and learn.

Good behaviour management is crucial

This is also one of the best strategies to build good terms with your students. Having a good knowledge of the subject and the way you deliver your insights into the class doesn’t make you a good teacher, managing classroom behaviour is equally important. This can include managing the student's behaviour, the right flow of schedules and ensuring that they are followed strictly, management of learning resources.

Although, being an effective teacher is not always easy, however, you can be one if you involve right teaching strategies in a desirable way. By using these teaching strategies you can address students' various learning styles and academic capabilities easily, thus creating a healthy and motivational classroom environment.

The more you’ll make the classes fun and innovative, the more your students will enjoy what they are learning.

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