6 Reasons Why Quality is So Important On Video Production for Marketing Strategy

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When producing videos for your a marketing campaign, you may want to opt to accept mediocre production value to save time and money. However, this is a big mistake. You want to actually invest in your video production if you want the best results possible. If you think that you can get away with poor or mediocre videos, here are six reasons that proves quality is vital:


Reason #1: Videos Reflect Your Credibility


Your videos are a reflection of who you are as a brand and a business. If you produce low-quality videos, people will start to see you as a low-quality business. You will seem less credible than you are because you are conveying a lackluster impression of yourself.


You need to prioritize quality to show that you are credible and worthy of trust. You should view your videos like you view all your other touchpoints. It should be seen as an opportunity to position your business properly, convey your brand values/characteristics, and communicate your marketing message.


Reason #2: Low-Quality Video Get Less Engagement


There are many studies that show that video is preferred over text and images. That means the whole point of using videos is to increase engagement. But going with lower quality videos actually defeats this purpose. Verizon Digital Media Services found that that viewership dropped 77 percent as the video quality went down.


The reason why is simple. Low-quality videos make it harder for viewers to understand the content. It is also frustrating to them since most users nowadays are used to viewing high-quality videos using many different platforms. In fact, the same study shows that most viewers expect the same kind of quality as they would get from watching TV.


Reason #3: High-Quality Videos Improve Ad Performance


Many marketers are using videos in their advertising campaigns whether it's on the actual ad or the landing page. Videos help generate the attention you need to get people to actually go through the ad. If you're trying to skimp on video production in your ad campaigns, think again.


One comprehensive test showed that high-quality video ads outperformed lower-quality ads in ROI. While lower quality videos allow you to spend less money and roll out your campaigns faster, it's still a better idea to invest more in starting out with high-quality videos.

Reason #4: Videos Increase Consumption and Information Retention

 If you're creating video content, you want to make sure that your audience actually consumes most of your videos and gets value out of it. Using low-quality videos can hinder this process. Remember that the whole point of creating great content is to build relationships with your audience. You don't want to let your video production get in the way.


Reason #5: You're Competing Against Other Videos


Whether you're advertising on Facebook, creating YouTube videos, or simply streaming videos on your site, you have to remember that you're constantly competing against other videos. Many of your competitors will be producing videos for the same platforms and channels. Consumers will look over your business for your competitors if their video quality outshines yours.


Perception is everything in the online world. Even if you offer a better product or service, consumers will choose the business that has the better presentation. If you want to stay competitive with your marketing, you must invest in a part of your budget into video production. You can also use the best free animation software to create animated videos.


Reason #6: Create a Better Emotional Impact


Have you ever watched a stunning video that just wowed you, moved you emotionally, and left you wanting more? You want to create the same kind of impact on your videos. But creating such an emotional impact isn't possible if your production value is low. You want to work with designers, producers, and editors that can create a high-quality the video that's going to resonate with your viewers on an emotional level.


Hopefully, these six reasons have convinced you to care about the quality of your videos. If you need help with your video production, Goliathproductions can help. We specialize in video and video marketing. We've helped create success stories for clients across many different industries and can do the same for you.You can visit followerwonk for more information


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