6 Reason That Your Car Key Is Not Effectively Functional

by Dave A. OZ Professional Writer

A car key that is not working – One of the worst automobile nightmares. Fight thing to do is to lookup an Automotive locksmith as they would be the ones who can get you in the car or starting the car. This is a temporary relief but still, the question remains why is the car key not working?

The situation that can lock you out of your car in some cases or get stuck in a situation where you are trying to start your car again and again and again but nothing seems to start that damn car. The locksmith can rescue you for the time being but addressing the underlying problem is what one must consider doing. Here are some of the reasons why your car key is not working.

● The Key Is Damaged

This is a no-brainer but still, let us start with inspecting if the car is damaged. If it is not broken does not mean that it is not damaged any anomalies in the shape can cause it to not work. So, check for any change in shape, damaged pattern or more.

● Key Fob Is Damaged

These days most of the car has the keyless entry remote to access the locking system for locking or unlocking. There might be any internal issue or problem with the transistor, problem with the receiver, or any such electronic issue that is affecting the function of the key.

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● The Locking System Is Damaged

Why blame the key when the locking system is the culprit? This happens when you are owning a car for a long time now. The system involved mechanical functioning which has wear and tears over time. being worn out after such a long time and making the functioning of the key ineffective is quite normal.

● Key Fob Battery Has Worn Out

Trying to detect why the key is not working and forgetting to check for the key fob battery is quite normal. It is one of the overlooked aspects of why a key might not be working. But this silliest reason can lock you out of the car for sure.

Duplicate Key Being Used

The lock system may not always accept duplicate keys. Make sure that in case you have to get a duplicate key made by the locksmith, choose the one who is known for precision. As a slightest of change, the locking system would not accept the copied key.

● Problematic Ignition Cylinder

Often you may face a tricky situation when the key may be working in the outer do but does not seem functional in the ignition. This is easy to track that there is some issue with the ignition cylinders and not the key.

Whatever the reason may be you can always take care of the Locksmith to know better about the underlying problem and also assistance regarding solving that problem. So next time when you get locked out of the door or having trouble starting your care do not panic and try to find the exact reason. This will help you to assist the problem more accurately.

Source: Why Is My Car Key Not Working?

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