6 Biggest Causes Of Power Outages & The Solution

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A power outage is the last thing you want during this period of pandemic as you are stuck within the four walls of your property covered in a thick blanket of nothingness, without the options of leaving the house to wander off into the local neighborhood. But why do these outages occur in the first place?

Here we are going to unwrap the mystery regarding the biggest perpetuators of power outages and try to acquire a solution to this rather inconvenient problem.

# Common Causes Of Power Outages:

A) Natural Causes Of Power Outage:-

1. Lightning/Storm:

Lightning is the most common agent of destruction when it comes to destroying the main power line of an area. This is because not only does lightning essentially occur in the sky all the time, no one can really try and predict the time or place where the likelihood of a thunderbolt hitting the grid is higher than anywhere else.

As a result, the combination of stormy weather and a power line tower is the perfect recipe for an instant power outage, where a single bolt of lightning can wreak havoc by electrocuting the sensitive wires and poles of the entire area.

2. Falling Trees:

Thanks to the relentless deforestation, trimming down forests is a major cause of power grid failure that is installed in the woods amongst other environmental issues, of course. So, either due to an amateur cutting down the trees, or a particularly windy day, the forest trees tend to fall off in a cluster and hence can easily damage or interrupt the power lines and electrical wires.

You might even have a neighborhood tree fall off and cause a disruption of the power line leading to an instant power outage for the whole block. Hence if possible, you must prevent plantation of trees in areas where they might get in contact with the power lines/wires in the future.


3. Animal Trespassing:

Despite our best attempts to prevent animal trespassing into the electrical facilities, it’s impossible to shield the complete premise of all the pests and small animals such as squirrels, rats, serpents, and other birds.

There will always be a risk of some random squirrel or other creature to wander off into the power line, munching away at the electrical circuits and causing a widespread power blackout with no one prepared for it.

4. Earthquakes:

Earthquakes can easily catch people off-guard and the worst part about them is that the area’s power lines almost inevitably end up facing some degree of damage in the wake of such a natural crisis.

Even the quakes that seen inconsequential on the Ritcher scale can easily disrupt the main power grid of an area, or at the very least cause a short circuit, which can also lead to a complete loss of power for the whole neighborhood. As of now, we can’t predict an earthquake with appreciable enough accuracy so the best course of action is to have a standby power supply system in place in case the disaster does occur.

B) Man-Made Causes Of Power Outage:-

1. Excavation & Digging:

While it happens rarely, but even a small digging procedure into your house lawn can cause the lines to be messed up and thus lead to an unexpected blackout. You, in that case, will not only have to bear with the loss of power but also some hefty fines imposed by the local electricity board.

Even in commercial operations associated with the excavation operations, unprofessional or unplanned digging can severely damage the underground power lines and that possess a bigger blackout threat to a wider area, possibly the whole city! So it’s advisable to be aware of the potential risks and have the permission from the concerned authorities even when going for a small garden renovation.


2. Overwhelming Power Demands:

This is especially the case during the summer months when the households just can’t live without the comforts of a fully air-conditioned room. As the Australian summers can get scorchy, the power supply demands of cities all over can surge tremendously, which causes the power lines, transformers, and the main grid to suffer from overburden. All these facilities can get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of power demands, and hence the electricity grid can experience failure.

3. Vehicle Accidents:

A car colliding into a city pole or a power grid facility will not only potentially cause harm to the driver and the passengers, but will also likely destroy multiple wires and power lines. One should always drive safely around a power grid facility as the consequences of an accident here can easily turn into mega catastrophic proportions.

# Where Is The Solution?

The proof lies in the pudding! As we’ve seen, power outages are not some uncommon entities that only tend to strike rural areas or remote villages of a developing country, they can strike anywhere, and they often do is completely expected. Australian businesses suffer massively as they fail to plan for a power blackout when the solution to their problem is quite elementary.

The solution for all power supply needs, whether it be for residential or industrial purposes is to invest in a “diesel generator”. A diesel generator is an exceptionally handy piece of machinery to have when faced with a power outage, and it can keep your household running even during the most testing of times. Diesel generators are made to be sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting, so you can always trust your genset when in need! Also, these diesel genset units are available on a number of sizes and power ratings, so you will easily find one that perfectly falls in sync with your power requirements, whether for office operations or small household chores.

At able sales, we use our unmatched expertise and vast inventory to fulfill our customers’ needs with respect to the power needs that they have. We invite you to go to site that we have built to assist our cherished customer, and guarantee their satisfaction with our A-grade level of generator models and servicing options.

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