5 Website Marketing Tips that you should implement today to boost your conversion

by Mukhtiar Ali Khan Helping You Succeed through Online Marketing

Website marketing is more than just putting a website online and waiting for it to be found by potential customers, prospects or readers.

If someone tells you something else, he lies to you. Or he just wants to sell you a website.

For better results, follow the website marketing tips I give you in this article.

Proven, effective strategies that have helped many of our customers to make their website and business known and successful on the Internet.

With these website marketing strategies you will be found on the internet with your website - and turn prospects into new customers.

Like many others have done before you (hopefully not your competitors).

But one thing must be clear to you:

Anyone who has ever tried to increase visibility on the web, streamline the site, and gain more customers will tell you: it's not always easy.

You need the necessary know-how (which I will give you in this article) and you need patience and perseverance in some areas.

However, if you bring these requirements with you, nothing stands in the way of your success in website marketing. You will have massive flows of visitors to your site in the medium to long term, from which you can make paying customers.

And honestly. That's what it's all about.

Let's take a closer look.

Definition - What is Website Marketing?

Website Marketing is the constant process of building and operating a website according to all the rules of online marketing.

It's a collection of action on and for your website to help you achieve your business goals.

In simple terms, your website and everything related to it will be optimized to make a decent amount of money (or whatever your business objective is).

What are the goals of Website Marketing?

The goal of website marketing is to increase the conversion rate.

It's about making the site visitors to prospective customers paying customers, loyal fans of your brand, newsletter subscribers, etc. through a customer-centric view of your business and your products and services.

The aim of website marketing is thus: to optimize the website as an important marketing tool in order to support and ultimately reach your company goals.

Are you ready for 5 effective website marketing tips?

Let's go.

Here are 5 effective online marketing tips and strategies that will perfect your website marketing and boost your business.

This is how you optimize your website

1. Increase through a user-friendly design retention time and conversion

You do not have to impress anyone. Forget it.

Take a look at the most successful website in the world - the Google homepage.

It's about getting the visitor interested, captivating, seducing, making it easy for him to consume the site.

Think about it:

"What does the visitor want to find on my website"?

And then make it as easy as possible for him.


Here are some points:

  • Content above the fold (make sure your webpage visitor finds what he is looking for without scrolling)

  • Legibility

    • Choose a sufficiently large font size (14-16px)

    • Contrast (eg black text on a white background)

    • White Space (distance between paragraphs and other elements)

    • short sentences (no box sentences)

    • short paragraphs (maximum 2-3 lines)

  • flat navigation structure / small click depth (maximum 3 levels, each subpage must be reachable with a maximum of 3 clicks)

2. Ensure proper technology

Do not worry, you do not have to be a website programmer.

With today's usual CMS (Content Management System), you are technically quite on the safe side.

At least as long as you do not have any major technical problems.

But I do not think so now.

What I mean are things like:

  1. No unreachable pages (404 errors)

  2. No broken links

  3. No missing pictures

  4. Fast loading speed

  5. Mobile Responsive (page must be displayed perfectly on smartphone)

  6. Clean source text

  7. Filenames and Alt attributes for images (Keyword or LSI keyword should be included)

  8. Click Strong SERP Snippet (Title & Meta Description)

  9. SSL certificate is available

  10. Contact and registration forms are tested and working

If you have problems with website technology or design, contact a professional web designer.

Do not mess around, if you do not really know it, you just make it worse - and more expensive.

Website Marketing is not without its name Website Marketing. It is your website to which all other online marketing activities lead.

Be it SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. - all of this makes sense only if your website is perfect.

It's about understanding that your website is the center of all your online marketing efforts. It is therefore essential that everything fits on it.

In the first step, you should therefore bring your online appearance in order.

If you create a new website, stick to all the tips and suggestions that I show you.

If you have an existing page, submit it to an in-depth review.

Perform a website analysis.

The first step in your website marketing strategy is to review your existing website. This will make you realize what you are already doing well and where there is room for improvement.

First, pay attention to the technical aspects.

  1. Are all pages accessible?

  2. Do all links work?

  3. Are all pictures available?

  4. Is your page loading fast?

  5. Is your page perfect for smartphones?

  6. Is the source code clean and minimized?

  7. Do all images have corresponding file names and alt attributes?

  8. Is your SERP snippet conspicuous and encourages it to click?

  9. Is an SSL certificate available?

  10. Are contact and registration forms working properly?

In the next step, analyze the user-friendliness.

  1. Does your website visitor find what he is looking for? Is it easy to find or does it have to be searched for? Check your navigation structure and optimize it so that each subpage can be reached with a maximum of 3 clicks.

  2. Will your website be displayed on mobile devices (smartphone) error-free and in full? Google's Mobile First Update considers this to be particularly important. Use responsive design and optimize content for smartphones.

  3. Is your content easy to read? Is the font size, the contrast, the colors correct? Ensure easy readability - especially for mobile devices.

  4. Do you write in short, understandable sentences? The readability index is not a confirmed ranking factor. However, because your texts are easy to understand, you increase the dwell time and lower the bounce rate. And these are very clear, positive signals to Google. Optimize your texts for readability and comprehensibility.

  5. Are your content structured so that your readers feel comfortable on your website?

When you have completed this analysis and corrected any deficiencies, the next tip comes.

A tip with the predicate: ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT!

3. Deliver the best content EVER

After you have analyzed and optimized your web design and the technique of your website, you have to take care of your content.

You should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Do your content support your business goal?

  • Do you have enough information about your offer?

  • Is your content what your target audience (Buyer Persona) expects?

  • Does the visitor immediately recognize what your page is about?

  • Is your content designed so that the prospect stays on your website?

  • Are your texts structured according to the AIDA model?

    • Headlines to attract attention

    • Descriptions, lists, instructions that arouse interest

    • Are the benefits (benefits and added value) highlighted well enough to increase the appetite for your offer?

    • Does the reader know what to do next (CTA, call to action)?

  • Are pictures and other media included (loosen up the structure and support the written text)?

  • Are there enough headings (at least every 200-300 words) to guide the reader?

  • Is the text written in the language and tonality of your readers?

And the most important:

Does the content of your website focus on the challenges and issues of your audience - and do you offer solutions, benefits, and added value?

Can you answer the questions with YES?


If not, optimize every single point. It really depends on each one of them.

If you miss even one, you endanger the success of your website marketing.

Alright, so far?

Then we come to the next important criterion.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Marketing) + Social Media Marketing

4. Ensure enough traffic

The best website does not help you if nobody sees you.

Therefore, in the next step you have to provide traffic / website visitors.

There are 3 basic options available:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  2. SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

  3. Social Media Marketing

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

SEO optimization of your website will ensure that it is found in search engine organic search results.

In our detailed article "What is SEO?" you can read everything about search engine optimization.

SEA / search engine advertising

When I talk about SEA, I mean Google AdWords in the first place.

Google will provide you with its advertising network. You can show campaigns and ads that appear on search results pages (SERPs) or the Google Display Network.

Social Media Marketing

The third way to "promote" your website is the numerous social media channels.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and Xing are just a few examples.

Social media marketing is mainly about strategically distributing your content where your audience is.

This is called "content seeding".

Distributing your content on the right social media will alert your audience and visit your website.

That's the short formula.

Communication, contact and dialogue

5. Talk to your users

Communication is everything.


"By talking, the people get together," as we say in Austria.

That's how it works:

  • Run a blog (why you should start a blog as an entrepreneur)

  • Answer comments and questions from your users

  • Ask questions and encourage commenting

  • Offer a newsletter

  • Offer a live chat on your website

  • Add social buttons to your website

In addition:

  • Be active in social media

  • Comment on other blogs, forums and social media portals

By maintaining communication with your customers, prospects, and site visitors, you build a loyal community that will buy from you, add to your newsletter list, or recommend you.


You now know my 5 tips to perfect your website marketing.

I'll summarize it for you once more.

  1. Ensure a user-friendly web design.

  2. Take care of the flawless technique of your website

  3. Provide helpful and quality content for your readers

  4. Ensure enough traffic on your site

  5. Communicate with your visitors

Now it's up to you to actively implement these tips.

The comments are open

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