5 Ways to Work on Your Website Loading Speed for Better Performance

by Deepti Gaur Digital marketing Specialist

It’s all about speed in this first moving world where no one wants to give one extra minute unnecessarily. When it is about a website page that takes more than a few seconds to upload, forget about even trying to make them come back again. A major part of website development lies in the hands of loading time as it is one of the major game changers that can make or break the brand reputation.

This being said, how fast is your website? Does it take less than 3 seconds to upload and what could be done to improvise it? You surely cannot blame slow internet connection and it lies in Website Development Company to optimize the website for better performance.

So, here are a few steps that could be used in ecommerce website development to bring up the website loading speed. 

  1. Get rid of Useless Plugins: Plugins are alright to extend the features of WordPress. Also, as they are easy to install most designers install dozens of plugins on the websites to include extra functions. But, each plugin installed adds more weight to a website and that results in server resource usage. So, website Design Company should focus on getting rid of the extra plugins to instantly speed up the website.


  1. Install A Caching Plugin: By creating static HTML files of web pages, websites can be made to perform faster. This minimizes the requests sent to the server when someone visits a website with instant delivery of the HTML page instead of separately processing each individual element on the website.

  1. Setup A CDN: Another effective strategy that Web Design Company in India can use is CDN (Content Delivery Network) this is done by globally distributing the website through a network of servers with the global CDN network that is around the world. By catching the website, CDN reduces the load on the main server and then distributes through the network of servers and delivers it depending on the geo-location of any visitor.

  1. Images optimization: Images are the important role in web application development and as it makes the blog posts effective. User engagement increases with more images. However, the size of the web page gets increased as per the images. So, an idea is to compress the images which could be done without paying a hefty amount to buy image processing software. It is understood that images are important in ecommerce website designing, so, free plugins are there to compress the image without hampering the quality.

  1. Lazy load pages: When a lot of images are used inside a long blog post, it increases the page load time. This can make the visitor wait before they could see the whole page which might not work in your favor. With lazy loading, this problem is fixed by preventing images from loading at once. Only those images are loaded that fall in the current viewport. The images are loaded as the reader keeps scrolling down further.

 Most web design company in Delhi are benefiting from this way of website design with whatever suits a specific website design.


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