5 Ways to Improve Your English Language Skills

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Introduction: - English language is spoken worldwide. English is used as the official language in most countries around the globe. All need to learn primary English. The primary science of the English language must be known for everyday life. Let us focus on 5 steps to better our skills in the English language.


1. Learn the Primary science of English Grammar: - Get a good book of English grammar along with someone to guide you. You must learn the basic grammar very well. This is the key to understand the language, Parts of speech, Tense, Sentence making, Voice change, Narration, other primary rules of English grammar need to be learned properly. These all fall under the Primary Science of language learning. Once learned, apply your lessons into practice. Use the rules while writing something. This is how the learning process goes in the right direction. The first step of learning and improving English is to get a clear idea of English grammar. For grammar is the backbone of any language. One who understands grammar understands the Language too.


2. Listen and watch English shows with subtitles: - Once you learn primary English, You start understanding sentences. Now, this is time to practice listening to the language. For learning any language (including your mother tongue) listening is very crucial. What we hear goes to our brains. Continuous practice of hearing and watching English shows, Cartoons, movies, and news will improve your skill to a large extend. It is better to watch things with subtitles. You can read the word you don’t get by hearing.


3. Practice with your fellow: - As per the Primary science of the English language, the third step is to practice yourself. Try to say something in front of a mirror. Then start converse with your friends. It is okay if you fumble initially. Keep practicing and the fluency will improve. Start chatting about easy and casual topics of everyday life. Ask how they are doing? A regular, mindful practice will make you easy and comfortable with the language. Pay attention to what the other person replies and speak accordingly. This is how the process goes on.


4. Learn new words and apply those: - The next step is to improve your vocabulary. Learn new words along with their meanings. Try to learn 10-15 new words every day. Once you learn the words, apply those while speaking or writing. Usage of new words will enrich your word power and will make the speech sounds better. Learning new words is fun. It will boost up your confidence. When you learn a new word and meaningfully apply it in your sentences, it skills up your creative side too. Creating new ways for you to skill up your Primary English works for a feel-good factor as well.


5. Read more loudly: - Another very important thing is to read. Try to read news articles, English stories, poems loudly. When you read it loudly it goes to your brain. A thorough mindful reading will prepare your mind and brain to adopt the language well. A loud reading improves your speech also. Your fluency gets better with reading. So a regular reading is recommended for all who want to skill up their fluency.


Conclusion: - So these are some effective ways to improve your English language skills. However, we learn till we live. The best way to keep learning is to pay sharp attention to little things around. Keep practicing what you learn. This is how you will never forget things. Besides that this will continue your progress in learning the Primary Science of English.

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