5 Ways to Ensure You Write Effective and Relevant News

by Kristen White Blogger
No minute you will fail to get some latest news on the internet. This can be attributed to the high number of news writers worldwide. According to recent research in Nigeria, despite the high number of news writers, only 30% of the writers use methods that will guarantee relevant and effective news. 

Every news writer will come up with a different story whenever they go out in the field to cover the same story. However, you are a news reporter who is interested in standing out from the fierce competition from the other pool of reporter, there are always ways you can write our latest news to ensure they are relevant and effective. Here are five ways that will help ensure you write effective and relevant news. 

  1. Try Selling Your News Story by using a clear and Effective Headline
    In order to create effective latest news today in Nigeria, you will have to first come up with a compelling beginning. That can be a great headline that will attract readers to go through the story. 

    It is always advisable that you prioritize all the information and facts on a checklist before you start writing your story.

  2. Always Focus on What the Readers are Interested in
    For example, whenever a governor calls press conference to list what he or she has achieved, the information he or she presents will be done in such a way that will benefit his or her reputation. As a news writer, it is always advisable that you consider what the readers are interested in knowing. For example, in case the governor is proud that he negotiated a new road deal, it is important that you present that information in a way that will interest the people. 

    In case the governor presents information which does not have an impact to the people, ensure you do not cover it in your story. For example, if the governor says that he bought new furniture, definitely, the news readers will not be interested in such a story unless there is a reason why it will be of help to them. 

  3. Try Convincing the Readers on why they should Care
    At times, readers do not have to be convinced about why they should care about certain news story. In case you are covering news on why their taxes are increasing, they will always pay attention. At times, it is always advisable that they are informed. However, if they are repairing a road on one side of the road, people on the other side will always think that such a project does not concern them in any way. It is important as a news writer to ensure your story has a broader reach. 

    You can decide to write a line such as “even the individuals who do not use the road will benefit from it once completed”.

  4. Ensure you Write Complete but Shorter Lines
    Writing short but complete news story lines can help increase the impact of your writing. This is because you will be doing away with the clutter which interferes with the content you want to present.  The shorter news stories are more memorable and focussed. Always be careful not to ignore the information which the readers are interested in knowing. Including the background information will make your story more understandable. For example, if you are writing a story about a murder trial, you can decide to cross out the sentences on what the defendant has been accused of doing. 

  5. Try get Emotion out of your writing
    In case you are covering a news story about a nursing home that is being closed, you will miss the opportunity of reaching the hearts of your readers and viewers when you decide to stick to the facts. This explains why it is always advisable to write a news story from an emotional component. You can achieve this by getting families of nursing home residents and having them tell their stories. The emotional part will always help most of the readers to understand and appreciate what the other people are going through. 

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