5 Ways That Families Save Money When Moving

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Moving can be a very expensive proposition. The costs can go up based on the number of things you are moving, how many people are in your family, and the distance you are heading. You not only have the expenses of moving itself, but you also face the costs of wrapping things up at one home while starting up another. You might even find yourself paying for two homes at once briefly, based on potential overlapping dates. Fortunately, there are many ways that families save money when moving if they know what to do.

5 Ways That Families Save Money When Moving

There are plenty of ways to save money on a move, but focusing on a select handful maximizes their impact. NPR has good suggestions for that, but there are more that you can follow.

  1. Get Free Moving Supplies: Check Freecycle or Craig's List for freebies in the area from other families who recently moved. Ask stores for boxes they might have leftover. Use your own clothes and bedding as packing supplies.

  2. Throw a Sale: Whether it's a garage sale or a yard sale, save money by making money. Sell off extras you don't want to move.

  3. Move Through Media Mail: Books aren't just bulky. They're also heavy. That makes them hard to pack, and they can be even more difficult to move. The USPS Media Mail shipping option lets you send 70 pounds of your books for under $50. That will free up space on the truck.

  4. Cut Your Utilities: Even if your current utility providers can also serve your new location, don't just transfer them. By cutting the completely, you'll likely get transferred to their retention teams of specialists who are allowed to cut serious deals with deep discounts just to retain you. If not, you can at least enjoy new customer specials from other providers at your new home.

  5. Move Yourself: Professional movers have a lot of advantages, including experience, supplies, muscle, trucks, and their own vehicles. Making arrangements on your own can be a bit of legwork, but it can also rack up some serious savings, too.

Save Money on Motorcycle Shipping

The actual time of moving everything might feel like the eye of a hurricane, and you might have toyed with the idea of cruising down the highway on your motorcycle between homes. Chances are pretty good that your family will need you then more than ever. The ride might not even be possible if you fly or are driving your own moving van or truck.

Getting your extra family vehicles to your next home using a motorcycle transport company can be simpler and more affordable than you might think. Shopping around for the right one means you can find the option that you feel comfortable with while staying within a budget and saving as much money as you can.

Reasons Why Families Move

There are times that moving your family is dictated to you by life's circumstances, but the decision might be purely your own in other cases.

  • Employment: Whether you got hired somewhere else, transferred, or are deploying for active-duty service, sometimes your job circumstances mean you need to move.

  • You Bought a Home: Congratulations to you if you're not a renter anymore!

  • Staying Put Won't Work: You might decide not to keep renting your current home because you can do better, or your current landlord has decided not to let you stay.

  • Greener Pastures: Maybe it's just time for your family to be somewhere else. Another neighborhood or state might be cheaper, or you just want to be closer to family and relatives.

Should You Move Only for Money?

Should moving itself be done only for financial considerations? In many cases, the answer is yes, but those cases are quite varied and unique to each family. Even if a move makes financial sense, be it a job, cheaper living expenses, or just cashing in on your home value, always consider the intangible costs your family will pay. Those can range from moving away from friends to the overall stress of relocating anywhere.

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