5 ways strategic communication consultants are beneficial for companies

by Jaques Montegolifier Chartered Accountant
Everything the top tier does or fails to do, speaks volume about the company and its reputation. Usually, words are important but so are actions. Your organization may have a solid marketing and public relation plan in place but might fail to integrate those plans within the company. This results in disjointed communication, which does not align with the company’s goal and sends out conflicting messages.

Business motivational speakers and strategic communication consultants play an essential role here. The consultants lay out a strategic communication plan around which the company can work around.

Importance of strategic communication:

•    You need a clear roadmap and vision to take your company ahead. Initially, they only survive.
•    If the company survives the start-up phase, they can withhold future consequences and plan accordingly.
•    Strategic communication consultants identify the goals and objectives of the companies, based on which they frame the strategies and tactics.
•    It essentially is a long-term process required for growth and viability.
Benefits for the company:
•    Strategic communication goes beyond words. It covers aspects such as actions, images, words, and they align with the company’s goal.
•    These factors build the brand’s identity and reputation. The only way possible to do so is making sure the external communication such as marketing, public relation, social media, and advertising is the same as the internal message.
•    Disconnected messages can confuse potential customers and impact an organization’s reputation.
•    Reputation management is a crucial part of the business, and it does not happen over time.
•    Any company information that meets the public’s eyes adds to the brand and the organization’s success.
•    Are you aware of what the customers are writing about your company on the internet? Online reviews hold as much importance as a recommendation from friends and family.
•    Here even business motivational speakers help the company out. In case the reviews are not appropriate, they can ease the atmosphere with their anecdotes and speech.

Importance of listening:

•    Strategic consultants expect a response from the client’s end as well. After all, it is no more one-way communication.
•    Listening also allows the company to track and then respond to things that are being said on varied platforms.
•    Listening also enables the organization to understand competitors and their strategies better.
•    Lastly, the business can monitor the trending subjects and discussions related to the company, which they later may want to get involved in.
Risk management’s role:
•    The strategic communication consultants not only chalk out a plan for fulfilling the company’s goals but also assist in protecting the image of the organization.
•    Firms must constantly evaluate the risks they face and use strategic communication as an insurance tool.
•    By incorporating the risk strategies, companies keep away crises and are better prepared to handle them.

Role of company culture:

•    It is not the balance sheet but the company culture that speaks volumes about the business.
•    Organizations must follow and nurture a culture which allows the employees to feel ownership, promote, and protect the brand as well as its reputation. Business motivational speakers work hand in hand with the consultants in the process.
•    Some organizations often forget that employees are the biggest ambassadors of a brand and focus solely on external communication.
•    Employees are also closest to the customers. Hence, they must be included in the risk management and reputation process.

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